CODE KIDS Press Release

For Immediate Release

Monday February 24, 2014


Code Kids Website Releases Video Interviews to Support Computer Coding in Schools Initiatives and CBC Documentary






SAINT JOHN – A group of Atlantic Canadian’s traveled to Finland and Estonia to learn about teaching computer coding in the classroom, an essential skill in the emerging IT economy. Along the way, they captured lots of TV footage for an educational documentary called Code Kids, produced by Saint John-based Hemmings House Pictures.


You can catch an advanced peak at some of that footage on a web site launched today in support of the Code Kids movement. The website,, hosts blogs and videos that support the initiative that is encouraging students, educators, parents and policy makers to include computer programming and technology from the early grades in the education curriculum in Atlantic Canada. 


Jevon MacDonald of Volta is excited for the next generation of coders and technologists in our region if teachers are supported to integrate coding and technology into the curriculum, “We will create a social fabric which understands and is excited about tech – a place where creative and intelligent people want to build their business in any part of Atlantic Canada, from our small towns to our cities.” 


In the winter of 2013, the small delegation visited Estonia and Finland on a fact finding mission exploring how other countries are successfully integrating technology into curriculum. These two countries are celebrated for their progressive education systems and booming IT economies. 


René Boudreau, Executive Director at the New Brunswick Council on Research and Innovation, David Alston, Chief Innovation Officer at Introhive, and a film crew from Hemmings House Pictures documented many hours of information-filled conversations with different leaders in the ICT, Education and Government sectors. Many of these conversations have been edited down to less than 10 minutes to be shared on the website. More videos and blog content will be added to the site over the next few months as the emerging Code Kids movement is documented in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.


Greg Hemmings, Founder and CEO at Hemmings House Pictures says that the release of a website that hosts unpolished video content and blogs during the evolution of the story is critical in engaging the community. His desire is that the final CBC documentary will be released after the Code Kids movement has gained significant momentum and that its purpose will be to celebrate a success story.


“As a filmmaker,” he says, “it has been very interesting to capture such relevant conversations on film to share in a very raw form in real time with the citizens of Atlantic Canada as we gather enough content to deliver our more polished documentary to CBC this spring.”


David Alston who has been a primary supporter of the coding in schools movement says that the website will be a place for people to see a lot of raw and relevant materials that may or may not make it into the CBC documentary, but is a critical resource that should be available for everyone to have access to. 


“We have been capturing so many interesting resources for educators, governments, parents, students and even entrepreneurs during the production of this film,” he says. “We plan to release all of the relevant raw footage so our community can learn best practices from other countries and share ideas from other though leaders from Atlantic Canada and beyond.”


About the CBC documentary


Code Kids is a documentary following the journey towards seeing kids being taught coding in schools once again in Canada's Maritime provinces. With the happy ending already set as a goal, will support for the movement gain the necessary steam to make this a reality? Will the current coding pilots in schools show how kids can uncover new problem solving skills and be engaged at levels not often seen in other subjects? Will the amazing results seen in Estonia and Finland inspire those back home and will Canada's eastern-most provinces decide to take the lead in a global race to fill the millions of tech jobs that, at current rates, will not be filled in years to come without more kids choosing coding and tech as a career? Meet the supporters and volunteers behind this grassroots movement that's sweeping the globe and follow individual kids and how their lives have been changed by pursuing their dreams."  


Shawna Waterall




Talons of Venice Press Release

CCI Entertainment Inc., Hemmings Films Ltd. and Talons of Venice Entertainment Inc. ink deal to develop lifestyle programming

February 20, 2014

Saint John, N.B. – CCI Entertainment Inc.Hemmings Films Ltd. and Talons of Venice Entertainment Inc. today announced they have entered into a partnership to develop lifestyle-programming content. Within this partnership there are four productions in development with interest from Canadian Broadcasters.

This agreement brings together three companies who have a wealth of experience in the film, production and marketing communications industries, from creative concept development, film production and editing, to distribution, financing and sales. Under the terms of the agreement, the primary role of Talons of Venice Entertainment Inc. and Hemmings Films Ltd. will be to develop creative concepts and produce all episodes of these lifestyle programs, and CCI Entertainment Inc. will pursue and coordinate all Canadian and international sales and provide finance planning.

Arnie Zipursky, President and CEO of CCI noted, "we are always on the hunt for strong, creative ideas for the world television market and we look forward to working with both Talons and Hemmings, two talented companies coming from Canada’s East Coast."

Greg Hemmings, Executive Producer at Hemmings Films Ltd. said, “we have a solid history working with CCI and a great relationship with the principals at Talons. We’ve collaborated successfully in the past and look forward to working with them on these new projects.”

Derek Riedle, Executive Producer with Talons of Venice Entertainment Inc. stated, “we’re really impressed with the track record and work done by Hemmings Films and CCI. They get us and understand where we want to go. We’re excited to see what we can accomplish together.”

CCI Entertainment Ltd. (Cambium Catalyst International) has over 30 years of experience in television production and international distribution in all genres including kids, lifestyle, drama and factual programming. During this time the company has set new standards for excellence, service and integrity in the International entertainment arena with over 2,000 hours of award-winning content for productions like, Iron Road, Extreme Babysitting, Niuls the Sandman and many more. The exceptional in-house talent, combined with the expertise of a global network of production partners has contributed to CCI’s strong track record as a trustworthy, innovative and successful force in the entertainment industry.

Hemmings Films Ltd. is an award-winning content producer that focuses on documentaries and factual television series with a vision to inspire and engage audiences around the world. Hemmings Films has earned a reputation as the production company that injects 'real' back into reality television through their work with productions like Cubicle to the Cage. Leaning heavily on a decade of documentary passion and experience, Hemmings Films and its sister company Hemmings House Pictures produces authentic stories that accelerate change.

From New Brunswick, Canada in the East and California, USA in the West, Talons of Venice Entertainment is the content arm of Revolution Strategy. We invent and unearth good content and leverage it through great creative, storytelling, positioning and digital strategy.

For additional information please contact:

Ann Conrod
Marketing Communications Specialist
Revolution Strategy 

#lovesaintjohn Instagram Photo Festival



Mark Hemmings of Hemmings House Pictures loves Saint John! And he wants to showcase our city via an Instagram Photo Festival on March 27th. This is open to everyone, regardless of skill level. Show off Saint John in a unique and dynamic way. Here are the rules:


1. The images you submit need to have been taken only by a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet that has the Instagram app available.

2. The images that you submit can only be edited within the device, using device apps or Instagram's own filters. For example, the photos can't be edited with Photoshop on a computer, but the photos CAN be edited in any manner via any type of mobile photo editing app.

3. As this is a celebration of Saint John, the photos need to have at least one recognizable "Saint John" element. This could be a streetscape, public area, people on Saint John streets, in recognizable Saint John establishments, public events, etc.

All are welcome to join us at the Saint John Ale House March 27th at 8:30pm for a fun photo social. We will have three local artists playing throughout the night: Blake Ferris, Sadie Donahue and Jerry-Faye Flatt. Feel free to drop in, take in a few songs and look at the gallery we will be projecting on the walls. There is no cost to enter or to attend this event. 

We are very excited for this event and hope to see you and your instagrams there!


How to submit your Saint John Instagrams:

Simply add this hashtag to all of your old, current, and future Saint John-related Instagrams – #lovesaintjohn. Tip: an easy way for you to tag all of your older photos is via

For more information please contact Mark's assistant, Rachel:

Happy hashtagging!


alehouse2             logo    







On thursday December 19th, come for a free headshot portrait, a free video greeting, or a free audio recording with your donation of any amount to the Harbour Lights Campaign! Hemmings House Pictures is on the 3rd floor of the Creative Soup Building, 86 Prince William Street, above Java Moose. 

We are only offering these goodies from 9am to 12pm, so come on down for a fun time and for a good cause! Drop-in, no appointments necessary, edible treats will be there as well.





Instagram Workshops with Mark Hemmings






Welcome to the instagram workshop blog page! Join Mark and other creative fun people at our studio on Prince William Street to learn some cool techniques to take your instagrams to a higher level. Don't rely on Instagram filters! Use your own imagination and various apps to create unique images that your friends can't duplicate. And if you love photographing your pets or what you are currently eating, well . . . those images will look better too.

The price is only $30, as this is not meant to be a money maker. Mark just loves teaching and loves mobile photography! 

For Android users please purchase the following apps (check to see if they work on your phone):

For iPhone users please purchase the following apps:




IMG_1465 IMG_1475 IMG_1596    IMG_3407 IMG_3408



We were happy to see Mark's architectural photos in this issue of International Architecture and Design magazine! The subject matter was the Acre designed "Into the Wild" home of Judith Mackin and Robert Moore. This home was extremely enjoyable to photograph. The light seemed to always be perfect throughout the home regardless of the time of day. For those who do not have access to the magazine, below are the photos that appeared in the magazine. Also, here is a link to our website that showcases some more images from Mark Hemmings and Acre Architects:



_94A9092_94A8528 _94A8434 _94A8290 _94A8082 _94A7609b _94A7935 _94A7805 _94A7728 _94A7688b _94A7631b _94A7586  Interior_Photos_31_Mark_Hemmings Interior_Photos_30_Mark_Hemmings Interior_Photos_29_Mark_Hemmings

Hemmings Vlog #1 “SURF CITY SUP”

All I wanted for Fathers Day this weekend was to take an hour an go for a surf. My wife was at work today so I spent the Saturday with my two little girls, awesome day…the sun was shining and summer is in the air. When she came home I was able to sneak out around 5:30 pm with the SUP board pre-strapped to my Thule roof rack. I checked out our regular spot at Bayshore, but it was a disappointing high tide flat. I texted Dave and he said that Cournty’s was small and breaking at the shore, probably not worth going out.


I decided to drive East and see for myself. When I arrived Joe was already in, and there was a small swell, nothing over a foot, maybe two. And the tide was almost fully up, certainly not the most perfect SUP conditions, but Joe and I went out anyway and the little rollers ended up having enough power to give us a great Father’s Day-eve Surf City SUP. The take away I learned here is to not give up the chance to live life because you are too busy waiting for the perfect conditions to present themselves. Life is fast, grab the moments – big AND small – whenever you can.






Learn How To Tell Your Story With Moving Pictures!


It took a year and a half to accomplish, but here we are! Hemmings House and Sociallogical are very excited to roll out our latest course, “Moving Pictures: Making and Sharing Social Videos”. This is an introductory course that will motivate you to pick up your own camera and begin producing content immediately! My brother Greg worked on developing this project with Sociallogical for quite some time now, so we are all very excited to share it with the community. Hope you enjoy!


Read more and sign up for the course at



Hunter Hayes Music Video

On March 26th, we received an email from a LA producer saying that he had gotten our name from a director friend of ours (Warren Sonoda) and that we had come highly recommended as a great production company to work with. He went on to say that he had a bit of a crazy request…He was working with More Media (a Los Angeles music video company) and that they were planning on shooting a music video for country pop star Hunter Hayes in Saint John on April 1st. Now remember, this is March 26th, a music video usually takes a couple weeks of prep before it goes to camera. Furthermore, the shoot date seemed a bit suspicious: April 1st? April Fools? Nevertheless, we spoke on the phone and we did our background check on the producer, the company, and, of course, Hunter. Turns out they were all legitimate and Hunter was in fact scheduled to play at Harbour Station on April 2nd with Carrie Underwood. We accepted the job. The next 6 days would prove to be some of the hardest (and longest) days of my career to date. Some of our responsibilities for road housing this project was: location scouting, casting, finding over 20 crew members, production management, location management, all equipment (lights, grip, camera, plus insurance), accommodations and travel arrangements for out of towners, filming permits, payroll for Canadian crew, per diem for American crew, finding an airplane and hanger, getting on rooftops and throwing bottles off of it, finding a school we could “break into”, and so on.


The days leading up to the shoot were tough, tougher than I thought actually. Not only was it a last minute project, but it was Easter (long) weekend too. That meant finding gear, locations, actors, and crew was very difficult. We ended renting gear from over a half a dozen places in four provinces and bringing in some very talented people from Ontario, New Brunswick, Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, and Nova Scotia. One of the things I love about Saint John is how willing people are to help out. I love that it never changes and that it always makes me feel proud to call this my home. The locations we ended up with were amazing. The people, who owned, managed, or worked there, were all accommodating and willing to go above and beyond. Big ups go out to all our beautiful shoot locations with Marijke and Danny at SJ High School, Carl and Jim at Mahogany Manor, Stacey, Nick, Shawn and Seamus at the Atlantic Flight Centre, Keith and his lovely family at Historica Development, Derek, Terri, and their two little boy wonders at Revolution Strategy, and the best driver this side of Montreal Jim at SJ Executive Limousines!! Thank you all so very much! I could really go on about the great experience, but why don’t we just watch Hunter's behind the scenes video instead :)

Oh! And here is my interview on CBC Information Morning Saint John about the filming of the project!


Big love! xo, Steve

The Leadership Ride

We are excited to have been part of executive coach Dave Veale and Vision Coaching’s latest film. Dave has been a mentor and friend to Hemmings House as a company and to us as individuals. We have worked with Executive Coaches from around the world because of the friendship and business we have had the pleasure of developing with Dave and the Vision team. If you are in growth mode for your business, do not take the leadership ride alone, executive coaching works, and Hemmings House is living proof! Thanks Dave and Vision Coaching team, lots of fun to work with you!

MAKE SURE you check out more about Vision coaching at their website, we love those guys and gals!