Behind The Scenes of Innovation

The Making of the NBIF Television Commercials

When the fine folks at the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation approach Hemmings House to partner with them on a series of three commercials that celebrate New Brunswick’s past and present world of innovation and general awesomeness, we immediately cracked open our creative whiteboard markers and got to work! It didn't take long to realize that we had a wealth of cool ideas to pull from. There are SO MANY cool stories of innovation in New Brunswick, past and present. Heck we could have done a hundred of these little films. We are really proud of these three commercials and proud of our creative and innovative heritage. We were really stoked as well that the NBIF team allowed us to exercise our own innovative film making techniques on these films, kinda fitting eh? There are some cool stylistic references that we borrowed from in these commercials ranging from Wes Anderson’s ‘Life Aquatic’ to Red Bull Media House’s ‘Art of Flight’. Check out the behind the scenes film as our team brings a great team together, builds an epic set, and gives birth to three really neat commercials. If you are from New Brunswick you are going to be proud of what our province has invented over the years, if you aren’t from New Brunswick I hope these films encourage you to take a look at what cool things were invented in your home town!

And if you have an innovative idea, check out in case they can help make your brilliant idea become a reality!