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I come from a small city on the East Coast of Canada called Saint John (a.k.a. The Renaissance City). We typically are a drive by city. Our city once was an industrial superstar boasting the busiest port North of Boston, and we were known as the New York of Canada. But that was then, and we are NOW! Many years ago our city's population started to decline, and after I graduated High School we lost a keystone ship building industry which seemed to be the last nail on the municipality's coffin. 

But there was one thing that keep our city from meeting our maker, it was creative resiliency. This port town is full of fighters with heavy work ethic and an authenticity that has created a very unique culture. Our art scene is the real deal underground. The creative energy here goes unrecognized fro the outside, but for many that's ok, art for the sake of art happens here. 

A good friend of mine is one of those resilient creatives. Her name is Judith and she runs an interior design shop called Tuck Studios. In our episode of the Boiling Point Podcast, Judith chats about bringing new ideas into a small, supportive and open city. We talk about how you can make a significant dent in places like St. John. 

Judith is a part of the creative class of this town that truly helps pump the life blood back into the place. The power of this class should not go un headed in communities around the globe, it has power to transform people, places and economies.





Building Tribes And Committing Bad Assery! Dino Dogan on Ep 6 of Boiling Point Podcast

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What does it mean to be a Global Force for Bad-assery? What happens when you start building tribes and committing bad assery? Well if you really want to know, you gotta meet my pal Dino Dogan. Not only does he sport a killer Goatee, he also built Triberr, the ultimate social network for bloggers. 

We often hear marketing folks talking about the power of building communities that surround a brand, company or movement. Dino calls these communities Tribes…little pockets of people who share a common groove. The more people that are part of the tribe, the more impact it can make, and if tribes connect and support other friendly like minded tribes then bad-ass stuff can start happening, may it be larger brand awareness, customer loyalty, or heightened engagement with social movement makers. 

I met Dino in Vegas at NMX this year (the place to be if you are blogger, web video producer or podcaster). He proved his bad-assery as soon as I met him. He was a keynote speaker at the conference and I dug what he had to say, great public speaker…why the heck he hasn’t been invited to speak at TED yet is way beyond me! (Come on TED… the Tribal Council urges you to get this man on that stage!). After a great day of sessions and Dino’s keynote I went to the bar by myself and grabbed a drink. Before I even had a chance to sit down Dino came over and said “Hey man, are you with NMX?”, to that  replied, “Heck yeah!”, and he said “Why the hell are you even attempting to sit and drink by yourself, come join us over here.” And I did. He connected me with a whack of cool people, other speakers, bloggers, vloggers and podcasters. He brought me by force into his tribe, and now I am connected. Now I am a Triberr member and my blogs and podcasts are being shared to an even wider world.

Check out this week’s episode of The Boiling Point Podcast to hear our interview and read more show notes with the king of tribal bad-assery himself. 

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You Gotta Fight! Boxer and Entrepreneur Icon Mickey MacDonald on the Boiling Point Podcast ep. 5

Mickey MacDonald is a pretty amazing guy. I met him through our TV series Cubicle to the Cage (promo video hyper-linked), he was one of our first investors in the show. As I got to know him, he continued to inspire me. He is a true entrepreneur Icon and the man knows how to fight; he fights in business, in his charitable work, and has also fought in the ring as a boxer. Still down-to-earth and approachable, Mickey came from humble beginnings, but as an entrepreneur he became one of Atlantic Canada’s preeminent businesspeople.

 At the age of 16, Mickey left home and moved to Toronto. While in the city, he briefly lived on the streets and took up boxing. Mickey was willing to take any odd job and learn as he worked to support himself. His attitude and willingness to work hard had him working in mines, driving trucks and heavy equipment. Mickey believed that the things you can learn on the streets are often more valuable then what you learn from a book or in school. Upon returning to Halifax, Mickey took a job with the Halifax Fire Department and helped his brother, Colin and his business partner, Robert Risley start their seafood business, Clearwater Seafood.

One thing lead to another and soon Mickey was the owner of DownEast Communications. DownEast grew to be one of Canada’s largest cell phone distributors, with almost 50 stores in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and New Brunswick. DownEast was sold to Aliant in 2004, netting Mickey about $50 million. A sister company, AMP, grew to a value of more than $100 million as well. Mickey know the importance of giving back to his community. A quote from Mohammad Ali on his Miccocompany website says, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” Mickey has done just that by giving millions to charity including hospitals, Halifax’s Pier 21, and the Bella Rose Centre. His Palooka charity also supports at-risk children in Halifax, across Canada, and around the world. If you are a self-starting entrepreneur, you need to hear this inspiring story!

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The Law of Attraction Brought Michael Losier to the Boiling Point! Podcast ep. 4

Introducing Michael Losier -Have you ever felt like something fell in place at just the right time?  Have you experienced serendipity or coincidence?  Well you, sir/madam, have been experiencing evidence of the law of attraction. Michael Losier is a best-selling author, speaker and trainer originally from New Brunswick, now living in British Columbia.  Michael started his journey after moving to BC and started a focus group on positive thinking out of his home.  Before long, he had close to 50 people coming to his home every Sunday.   One day, after talking with a motivational speaker, he was motivated to write his own book and become a speaker.  He has now done talks in 33 countries.  His book, “Law of Attraction” has sold 1.8 million copies, and his second book, “Law of Connection”, has sold over 500,000 copies.  He has been interviewed by Oprah Winfrey four times on her radio show and was even asked to host a radio show on Oprah’s radio station; all of this without ever actively eliciting business. The law of attraction focuses on positive vibrations.  Simply said, having positive thoughts attract the things you want in life and negative thoughts do the opposite.  The Law of Attraction suggests that we use positive language, and to avoid negative language.   Michael suggests we avoid the words “no”, “not” and “don’t” as they only bring attention to the things we don’t want.  Imagine you typed “no football” into Google, what do you think would come up in your search results?

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The Group of Industrial and Entrepreneurial Icons! Susan Holt – Boiling Point Podcast Ep. 3

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Susan Holt not only is the president and CEO of the New Brunswick Business Council, she is also an incredibly cool lady! She is one of those people who you can see across a busy room because of her fantastic smile and incredibly warm spirit. She has a super cool job, she gets some of the legends of industry and entrepreneurship together in a room to discuss the present and future state of business in the province of New Brunswick Canada. New Brunswick has a very unique business culture. It is not a weird thing to run into your local billionaire at a restaurant, or have a coffee with a leader of a multi million dollar enterprise. This place rocks for stat ups. The mentorship in this region is stellar, and everyone wants to support each other in success. New Brunswick is a case study that other regions should study. It is a great model for partnerships between the legacy family business and the entrepreneurial start up worlds.

This episode picks Susan's brain. She shares some great insights on business in this progressive region. Industrial and Entrepreneurial Icons are here! Keep listening to the podcast, share it and subscribe! Check out more about Susan and the Boiling Point Podcast at


Code Kid David Alston Pushes Coding in Schools. Boiling Point Podcast Ep. 2

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Ok, this episode is just great…my good friend, and inspirer David Alston speaks to Dave and I about the Code Kids movement. Code Kids is a project that he and I and a whack of other rad folks are pushing these days trying to get coding and technology integrated into the elementary and middle school curriculums. Coding in schools is topical all over the world right now. is a great inspirational resource for this movement as well. Hemmings House is producing a documentary for CBC that follows a year in the life of this movement. Stay tuned on release dates. In the near term check out some cool vids we have put together for the movement at 

David is a bit of a creative genius, I know he will kick my butt for saying such things, but it's true. He is involved in a bunch of awesome startups helping the grow into universal giants. Way to go Alston! 

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Boiling Point Business Podcast Ep 1 – The Canadian Cloud

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Our first episode of the Boiling Point Podcast is up and running. This episode features the legendary Kevin Belyea, founder of Paper 42. What's Paper 42? Well read more about this killer company, and about the dude behind the ideas, and even watch an animated video we produced for him telling the Paper 42 story by checking

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Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders – The Boiling Point Podcast is Now LIVE!

In our never ending quest
to connect awesome people together, my good friend and executive coach Dave Veale from Vision Coaching are super excited to finally launch our latest collaboration; The Boiling Point Podcast. (Thanks David Alston for the name…man it was hot in that vocal booth eh?)

This is a podcast that features kick ass people doing kick ass things in the world of entrepreneurial leadership and movement making. We will be adding more episodes as time goes on, but for now, check out our first three episodes with Kevin Belyea, Susan Holt and David Alston! 

Make sure you turn up the air conditioning, cuz it's gonna get hot! HAHA, well at least it was as we all crammed in the booth. Hey, please take a listen, share it if you see someone you know who can benefit, subscribe to us on iTunes, give us ratings, feedback etc. But most of all stay inspired. We will only create an enlightened world if we share knowledge, and sharing knowledge is easy when we stay

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A Vision and Mission Statement: A Life Roadmap

A few weeks ago I articulated my Vision Statement of A Happy and Kind World. Give it a whirl if you have a chance. My definition of a vision statement is a proclamation of a future state that every decision in our lives is designed to support. So what is a mission statement? The mission statement is the tangible steps that are required to realize the vision…it's a roadmap. I came up with the vision of a Happy and Kind World for Hemmings House because it also is my personal vision (thanks Dave Veale). Everything I do, every decision I make, and every ounce of energy I spend needs to be in line with that vision.

So what's my mission? How am I going to get to see a Happy and Kind World? Well, I'm glad you asked! (I forced that on your didn't I?)

People kill each other, steal from each other, and hate each other when they do not understand each other. We are tribal beings. We protect our own. Those enlightened earthlings who realize that 'our own' isn't limited just to our family,our team, our friends, our country, our race…'our own' to me is every living and non living thing. Our own is also our oneness, so why the shnikies aren't we seeing peace on this planet? Again…it's because we don't understand each other, and we live in the lie that we are not of the same royal bloodline, we all were birthed from the same source.

So how do I live my life to help contribute to a more understanding world? I use storytelling to connect people. When we hear each other's stories, when we are able to find a connection and commonality because of those stories, then we can empathize. Empathy (according to the amazing editor-in-chief Zoey Miller!!!) is the capacity to recognize emotions that are being experienced by another sentiment or fictional being. We recognize emotions when we are connected, when we relate. Storytelling helps us connect, it helps us relate. 

Here are my personal commitments (my Mission Road Map) to help see my vision of a Happy and Kind World come to fruition. 

FILM & CREATIVE MEDIA – I own a production company that produces commercial films, documentaries, TV shows, web content, audio, photography, animation…digital media in the form of audio and video. This company allows our clients and us to connect to the globe, to other humans, partners and customers. 

PUBLIC SPEAKING - This is new for me… kinda. I find myself speaking in front of audiences often. In fact I recently achieved a life goal of presenting at a TEDx earlier this year! I am now being asked to speak to different audiences about storytelling, filmmaking, entrepreneurship and adventure. It's rad.

WRITING – A have written a travel and adventure article in the Telegraph Journal for the last 5 years. I have been blogging for almost a decade (with a new commitment to 'regularity'), and I am scheming up a book. Hey, I like to write. Tom Wolfe, Hunter Thompson and Jack Kerouac helped me realize that it's ok to translate your random stream of conscious thoughts into words! Hey if you haven't read Wolfe's Electirc Coolaid Acid Tests, Thompson's Another Roadside Attraction, or Kerouac's On The Road, then consider it your next three classic books to pick up.

MUSIC - For me music is the great connector. I am a musician, I am a drummer first, banjo, guitar, bass, piano…I love creating music with anything, and even more than creating, I consume and experience music almost every waking hour of my life…literaly. There is no other connector medium that is more effective on an emotional level than music for me. Go see Sigur Ros and you will know exactly where I am coming from! I am playing drums in a band called Fox Farm, we have been playing for a couple years and only two weeks ago got a name…for one show we called ourselves 'Holland Oats"…I kinda loved that name, we had about a hundred others! I am now creating music with Ableton Live's Push. Techno dance music is a great connector, a great way to get a few thousand people vibrating to the same sub frequencies…a great empathizer. 

I have really challenged myself to be active in all four of my mission road maps on a weekly basis, and that's why I am sharing it with you right now! So hey, thanks for letting me explain my purpose, maybe this blog helps you understand a bit more of who I am at the source. PLEASE share your vision and mission statement to people, its the first step to attracting kick ass people into your life. Jah Love.




Original Film Content Marketing , a Power Punch.

In the not so distant past, we would descibe content production houses as 'film, television, audio, animation and commercial video production factories'. But there is a shift that is happening, and its happening fast. Big brands like Vodafone, Coke and RedBull are leading the revolution of original film content production and distriution. No longer are content producers relying solely on traditional broadcasters to finance their content, big brands are opening up opportunities far and wide for producers to create stories that relate to their audience and customer base. 

Not only is RedBull Media House mastering the Art of Flight, they are mastering the Art of Original Content, and they are doing an AWESOME job. They built a massive audience by producing what in my mind some of the best extreme sports original film content ever produced. Even if people don't drink RedBull, they will watch their relevant content, share it, talk about, and help RedBull's brand name become household. Kick ass strategy in my mind. 

Vodaphone currently has a very cool orignal content channel called . They film a bunch of short documentaries of people doing things for the first time. Its rad. Check it out. Cool thing about this strategy is that they are gifting 'Firts' experiences to people who are in their target marketing demographic. People continue to submit their 'Firsts' requests on this Vodafone branded site in hopes that a film will be made of them experiening something epic for the first time. These guys are connecting with their audience in a real cool and life enhancing way. Way to go Vodafone!

And Coke, they pretty much invented experiential content marketing. I was really impressed with this experiment, they used a bunch of drones to deliver boxes of Coke to migrant workers as they built Singapore's skyscrapers. Its really touching. It's a message of gratitude and it brings smiles on people's faces, which is completly in line with Coke's vlaues. I know the budget on a film like that would not be anywhere the cost of one of their 30 second television ads…and I would suggest that the real authentic impact the original film content was more powerful than their typical TV ads. 

Creating awesome original content that develops fanbase the same way great TV shows do is the way of the NOW. TV ad spend may still be part of marketing budgets…in many cases it should be…but for similar and smaller budgets brands can invest in killer original films and release them online for free to target viewers who become powerful evangelists for the brand. 

Here is our latest TV series called Cubicle to the Cage (airing on radX in Canada). We recently sold it to Brazil, but are still pushing for an American broadcast partner for this show. But as I think about it, maybe we should be pushing shows like this out to the big brands as financing partners as well.

Don't forget… stay happy, be kind, and produce original film content marketing .

Orignal Content Marketing Punch Cubicle to the Cage