The Creative Class Promotes Open Communities

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I come from a small city on the East Coast of Canada called Saint John (a.k.a. The Renaissance City). We typically are a drive by city. Our city once was an industrial superstar boasting the busiest port North of Boston, and we were known as the New York of Canada. But that was then, and we are NOW! Many years ago our city's population started to decline, and after I graduated High School we lost a keystone ship building industry which seemed to be the last nail on the municipality's coffin. 

But there was one thing that keep our city from meeting our maker, it was creative resiliency. This port town is full of fighters with heavy work ethic and an authenticity that has created a very unique culture. Our art scene is the real deal underground. The creative energy here goes unrecognized fro the outside, but for many that's ok, art for the sake of art happens here. 

A good friend of mine is one of those resilient creatives. Her name is Judith and she runs an interior design shop called Tuck Studios. In our episode of the Boiling Point Podcast, Judith chats about bringing new ideas into a small, supportive and open city. We talk about how you can make a significant dent in places like St. John. 

Judith is a part of the creative class of this town that truly helps pump the life blood back into the place. The power of this class should not go un headed in communities around the globe, it has power to transform people, places and economies.