Cutting out good Content Marketing material is OK!


Do you ever get frustrated trying to compress a lot of information into small, digestible bits of content for audience consumption, engagement and retention? You always want to give your audience relevant info that will relate to their needs and pain-points, but you don’t want to overwhelm them with a boat load of facts and figures that will drown them before they even get to enjoy the heart of the message. 

We include video in our content marketing toolbox with the hopes that it will not only compliment our blogs, whitepapers and presentations, but that it will also become the magnet that will attract and retain audiences. The video medium, if executed with enough care, can take relatively mundane information and bring it to life by educating people through entertainment. 

The Bill Gale Animation

Hemmings House was hired a while back to produce a fun animation that would sum up the life of a community leader named Bill Gale. The video would be used at a Roast in his honour, and then released on the web. His biography and resume are a truly impressive collection of honors and accomplishments. When our client asked us to produce the animation, they gave us a six-page document that summarized years and years of Bill’s action-packed life in the finance world. There was far more information in the written document that could be compressed into a 90 second video.  And despite the accomplishments, it is a bit of a challenge to communicate an engaging message based solely on a list of resume highlights. 

Our team discussed the challenge and we came up with an entertaining Monty Python-esque cartoon that would sum up Bills life in a metered 90-second period of time (start the clock!). We used humor, colorful animation, and a very rapid narration to tell this story. 

Don’t be Scared!

Never be afraid of compressing allot information into something with less details. As a filmmaker myself, I was always taught that the greatest film editors knew which of the best scenes to cut and throw on the floor, even if they were the nicest looking shots of the whole production. Sometimes to get to the meat of the message you have to trim the fat, even if the fat is great content. 

When you have more data than you feel you can sift through, don’t let that discourage you. There is always a very simple story that can be told in an entertaining and engaging way, you just need to simplify. People do not consume stories because they are rich in statistics and cerebral concepts. People consume stories because they are simple, entertaining and they can relate to them.

This is also true for any of your content marketing production. Give the audience valuable data that is detailed enough to bring value, but not so deep that you loose them after 10 seconds. Using humor and unique styles in the way you tell your stories is also a great way to keep eyeballs on your content. 

me and Steinbeck






How Brands Help Storytellers Fight Their Way to the Screen

cubicle to the cage DRAKO








The Hemmings House team and I have been producing television and web content around the world for over a decade. During that time we have experienced a massive shift in how great film stories are financed, consumed and even told. As ad spend is bending away from traditional television spots, it is becoming more and more difficult to finance television shows as the customers (the broadcasters) are spending less and less for great content because their advertising dollars are being depleted.  

So how do we continue to produce high quality content with limited budgets from our customers? Well that's where the world of 'branded storytelling' comes in. Partnering with brands that have aligned vision and values with the target audience of the content is critical. When synergy is found, the brand becomes a part of the story in an authentic way. It's not product placement, its more of a DNA sort of thing. Our latest TV series 'Cubicle to the Cage' is a great example of this. The company we partnered with is a martial arts gear and clothing company called DRAKO Sports. Their brand and products are literally baked into the series…and because they are MMA related, it makes all the sense in the world that we would see our MMA athletes training with their gear. It also makes sense that the owner of DRAKO makes an appearance in an episode as a character. We can bring a lot of value to brands when we authentically make them part of the process and the product. 

Companies like DRAKO help content creators do what they do best, tell great stories. The brands that are investing their ad dollars to fund the production of killer stories are the ones who are kicking ass!

Cubicle to the Cage Promo from Hemmings Films on Vimeo.

Small Town Roots, Big World Salutes! Boiling Point Podcast Ep. 7 – Gino Dion

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It is amazing who you might meet if you open yourself up to new experiences. Even more amazing when you find a mover and shaker you didn’t know about in your own backyard.That is exactly what happened to Greg when he decided to attend a conference for the National Association of Broadcasters in Las Vegas. NAB is conference for broadcasters and their equipment manufacturers. Greg decided to attend to see what connections he could make through networking, but it wasn’t necessarily a conference for filmmakers to pitch their ideas.

He left with a quorum of industry people from New Brunswick, Canada and this is where he met Gino Dion and the two became fast-friends. Gino works for a company called IneoQuest, which is a multi-national company offering products and services for the monitoring of video quality. Broadcasters use products from IneoQuest to guarantee their transmissions. We all can imagine how important such a service is by considering, what would you think would happen if the transmission of the World Cup final went down? Disaster! 

Gino comes from a small town in New Brunswick, where there is sometimes a belief that, “when you come from a small place, you can only do small things.” Gino couldn’t disagree more. He has taken time out of his schedule to speak to students at his local high school to tell them that not only can they do big things, but their small town roots can actually act as an advantage. He cites his experience of growing up poor in a small town and having to fight for every scrap he got as one of the major reasons he eventually became IneoQuest’s vice-president of engineering. He saw detractors of his dreams as challengers, and used his determination as fuel to get to his goal.

Gino takes pride in exporting his New Brunswick cultural values and says that simple things like holding a door for someone or saying hello to a stranger has been able to set him apart in the business world. Another example of small town service is whenever Gino sells a system to one of his clients, he writes his home phone number on his business card. He tells his client that they can call him at any time, day or night, if they need him for something. Gino told Greg when they went into a dueling piano bar in Vegas that they would own the bar by the end of the night because they were New Brunswickers. That’s exactly what they did and a wild time was had by all.

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Building Tribes And Committing Bad Assery! Dino Dogan on Ep 6 of Boiling Point Podcast

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What does it mean to be a Global Force for Bad-assery? What happens when you start building tribes and committing bad assery? Well if you really want to know, you gotta meet my pal Dino Dogan. Not only does he sport a killer Goatee, he also built Triberr, the ultimate social network for bloggers. 

We often hear marketing folks talking about the power of building communities that surround a brand, company or movement. Dino calls these communities Tribes…little pockets of people who share a common groove. The more people that are part of the tribe, the more impact it can make, and if tribes connect and support other friendly like minded tribes then bad-ass stuff can start happening, may it be larger brand awareness, customer loyalty, or heightened engagement with social movement makers. 

I met Dino in Vegas at NMX this year (the place to be if you are blogger, web video producer or podcaster). He proved his bad-assery as soon as I met him. He was a keynote speaker at the conference and I dug what he had to say, great public speaker…why the heck he hasn’t been invited to speak at TED yet is way beyond me! (Come on TED… the Tribal Council urges you to get this man on that stage!). After a great day of sessions and Dino’s keynote I went to the bar by myself and grabbed a drink. Before I even had a chance to sit down Dino came over and said “Hey man, are you with NMX?”, to that  replied, “Heck yeah!”, and he said “Why the hell are you even attempting to sit and drink by yourself, come join us over here.” And I did. He connected me with a whack of cool people, other speakers, bloggers, vloggers and podcasters. He brought me by force into his tribe, and now I am connected. Now I am a Triberr member and my blogs and podcasts are being shared to an even wider world.

Check out this week’s episode of The Boiling Point Podcast to hear our interview and read more show notes with the king of tribal bad-assery himself. 

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You Gotta Fight! Boxer and Entrepreneur Icon Mickey MacDonald on the Boiling Point Podcast ep. 5

Mickey MacDonald is a pretty amazing guy. I met him through our TV series Cubicle to the Cage (promo video hyper-linked), he was one of our first investors in the show. As I got to know him, he continued to inspire me. He is a true entrepreneur Icon and the man knows how to fight; he fights in business, in his charitable work, and has also fought in the ring as a boxer. Still down-to-earth and approachable, Mickey came from humble beginnings, but as an entrepreneur he became one of Atlantic Canada’s preeminent businesspeople.

 At the age of 16, Mickey left home and moved to Toronto. While in the city, he briefly lived on the streets and took up boxing. Mickey was willing to take any odd job and learn as he worked to support himself. His attitude and willingness to work hard had him working in mines, driving trucks and heavy equipment. Mickey believed that the things you can learn on the streets are often more valuable then what you learn from a book or in school. Upon returning to Halifax, Mickey took a job with the Halifax Fire Department and helped his brother, Colin and his business partner, Robert Risley start their seafood business, Clearwater Seafood.

One thing lead to another and soon Mickey was the owner of DownEast Communications. DownEast grew to be one of Canada’s largest cell phone distributors, with almost 50 stores in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and New Brunswick. DownEast was sold to Aliant in 2004, netting Mickey about $50 million. A sister company, AMP, grew to a value of more than $100 million as well. Mickey know the importance of giving back to his community. A quote from Mohammad Ali on his Miccocompany website says, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” Mickey has done just that by giving millions to charity including hospitals, Halifax’s Pier 21, and the Bella Rose Centre. His Palooka charity also supports at-risk children in Halifax, across Canada, and around the world. If you are a self-starting entrepreneur, you need to hear this inspiring story!

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The Law of Attraction Brought Michael Losier to the Boiling Point! Podcast ep. 4

Introducing Michael Losier -Have you ever felt like something fell in place at just the right time?  Have you experienced serendipity or coincidence?  Well you, sir/madam, have been experiencing evidence of the law of attraction. Michael Losier is a best-selling author, speaker and trainer originally from New Brunswick, now living in British Columbia.  Michael started his journey after moving to BC and started a focus group on positive thinking out of his home.  Before long, he had close to 50 people coming to his home every Sunday.   One day, after talking with a motivational speaker, he was motivated to write his own book and become a speaker.  He has now done talks in 33 countries.  His book, “Law of Attraction” has sold 1.8 million copies, and his second book, “Law of Connection”, has sold over 500,000 copies.  He has been interviewed by Oprah Winfrey four times on her radio show and was even asked to host a radio show on Oprah’s radio station; all of this without ever actively eliciting business. The law of attraction focuses on positive vibrations.  Simply said, having positive thoughts attract the things you want in life and negative thoughts do the opposite.  The Law of Attraction suggests that we use positive language, and to avoid negative language.   Michael suggests we avoid the words “no”, “not” and “don’t” as they only bring attention to the things we don’t want.  Imagine you typed “no football” into Google, what do you think would come up in your search results?

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The Group of Industrial and Entrepreneurial Icons! Susan Holt – Boiling Point Podcast Ep. 3

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Susan Holt not only is the president and CEO of the New Brunswick Business Council, she is also an incredibly cool lady! She is one of those people who you can see across a busy room because of her fantastic smile and incredibly warm spirit. She has a super cool job, she gets some of the legends of industry and entrepreneurship together in a room to discuss the present and future state of business in the province of New Brunswick Canada. New Brunswick has a very unique business culture. It is not a weird thing to run into your local billionaire at a restaurant, or have a coffee with a leader of a multi million dollar enterprise. This place rocks for stat ups. The mentorship in this region is stellar, and everyone wants to support each other in success. New Brunswick is a case study that other regions should study. It is a great model for partnerships between the legacy family business and the entrepreneurial start up worlds.

This episode picks Susan's brain. She shares some great insights on business in this progressive region. Industrial and Entrepreneurial Icons are here! Keep listening to the podcast, share it and subscribe! Check out more about Susan and the Boiling Point Podcast at


Code Kid David Alston Pushes Coding in Schools. Boiling Point Podcast Ep. 2

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Ok, this episode is just great…my good friend, and inspirer David Alston speaks to Dave and I about the Code Kids movement. Code Kids is a project that he and I and a whack of other rad folks are pushing these days trying to get coding and technology integrated into the elementary and middle school curriculums. Coding in schools is topical all over the world right now. is a great inspirational resource for this movement as well. Hemmings House is producing a documentary for CBC that follows a year in the life of this movement. Stay tuned on release dates. In the near term check out some cool vids we have put together for the movement at 

David is a bit of a creative genius, I know he will kick my butt for saying such things, but it's true. He is involved in a bunch of awesome startups helping the grow into universal giants. Way to go Alston! 

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Boiling Point Business Podcast Ep 1 – The Canadian Cloud

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Our first episode of the Boiling Point Podcast is up and running. This episode features the legendary Kevin Belyea, founder of Paper 42. What's Paper 42? Well read more about this killer company, and about the dude behind the ideas, and even watch an animated video we produced for him telling the Paper 42 story by checking

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Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders – The Boiling Point Podcast is Now LIVE!

In our never ending quest
to connect awesome people together, my good friend and executive coach Dave Veale from Vision Coaching are super excited to finally launch our latest collaboration; The Boiling Point Podcast. (Thanks David Alston for the name…man it was hot in that vocal booth eh?)

This is a podcast that features kick ass people doing kick ass things in the world of entrepreneurial leadership and movement making. We will be adding more episodes as time goes on, but for now, check out our first three episodes with Kevin Belyea, Susan Holt and David Alston! 

Make sure you turn up the air conditioning, cuz it's gonna get hot! HAHA, well at least it was as we all crammed in the booth. Hey, please take a listen, share it if you see someone you know who can benefit, subscribe to us on iTunes, give us ratings, feedback etc. But most of all stay inspired. We will only create an enlightened world if we share knowledge, and sharing knowledge is easy when we stay

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