Agora Partnerships

The Disruptors

‘The Disruptors” is a film that follows the stories of two Colombian small businesses – Agruppa and Suyo – as they try to address social and economic challenges facing the country. With the support of Agora Partnerships, these two companies are changing the lives of often overlooked populations in Colombia, redefining the role of business in their communities, and paving the way for a more peaceful and prosperous Colombia.

Agora Partnerships

The Disruptors

Using specific imagery to help create a message that is easily understandable by the general public was our biggest challenge. The Agora story when explained properly creates huge impact that has made thousands of people get involved. A true success story.

This was a magnificent investment, the film has had a huge effect for us on some very key strategic areas. We used it to focus on recruiting entrepreneurs to apply to our accelerator and it was the biggest year we had in terms of applications.

Jesse Grainger - Director, New Initiatives



Highest results in company history in terms of application submissions.


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