Millennial Dream

The Millennial Dream is a documentary and social impact campaign that Hemmings House produced to answer the following questions to Atlantic Canadians:

1) What values are replacing the American dream?
2) Is Atlantic Canada a fertile ground for these revived values?
3) What can we do to support Millennial Dreamers in a way that perhaps could reverse the brain drain.

Hemmings House had a number of partners to make this project happen, including a handful of personal and corporate impact investors, the University of New Brunswick, the Pond Deshpande Center and The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). Seth Godin agreed to be a lead voice in the film which allowed us to have a more global perspective, despite the film’s regional impact intentions.

Millennial Dream

After the film was made, Hemmings House licensed it to PBS throughout the United States, Amazon Prime, iTunes and Hulu. Hemmings House was also sponsored by BDC to tour the film across Canada. Other investors helped fund American screenings. The Hemmings House team personally screened the film to over 5000 people in small theatre settings across North America.



The result has been an increase in optimism for the strengths of Atlantic Canada, and other 2nd tier communities that we have screened the film in. The University of New Brunswick has been recognized as the most entrepreneurial university in Canada, and this film helps promote the institution as one that is evolving and pivoting to accommodate values-shift. The BDC was able to inspire hundreds of their employees, clients and stakeholders by being a part of this project.


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