Can Getting Kids to Code Change Our Collective Future? Code Kids Documentary Explores.

It has been almost exactly a year since we visited Estonia and Finland to film the incredible success they have found in creating digital economies and preparing their youngsters for a wild digital ride that awaits them – and all of us – not so far down the timeline. 

What we found about these two visionary countries is that in order to secure a prosperous future, we can not solely rely on natural resource and traditional industries anymore. We need to inspire a rich stock of enthusiastic, passionate, open and entrepreneurial young minds to lead us into the quickly evolving digital society. And this work needs to start as early as Kindergarten. 

Our film 'Code Kids' explores the direction Estonia and Finland took in their development and offers up the question to people who live in my region of Canada; "Can we do the same here? And if we can are we actually at an advantage being a small rural and hyper connected community then if we were elsewhere?".

Our friends at the CBC have allowed us to lift the geoblock of our film so viewers around the world can watch our film, we are very grateful for this as we want to share this film for the 'Hour of Code' week starting December 8 – 12.

We filmed Code Kids with the Atlantic Canadian community as the focal point, however the stories and the issues are universal. Please help us spread inspirations to get communities bought into the Code Kids movement by sharing this film. 

You can see the film and video extras at CODEKIDS.CA as one of the movements.



Coding in Schools Can Change Lives and the Economy

code kids girlThe Hemmings House documentary that is helping the ‘Coding to Schools’ movement gain momentum in Atlantic Canada will premiere this Saturday, July 26th at 8pm on CBC Maritimes. Code Kids follows a group of passionate tech entrepreneurs, students, teachers and influencers in Atlantic Canada over a period of a year as they attempt to change the way students use technology in elementary and middle school. Despite the regional focus, this is a global story that is relevant in communities around the world. The film explored how countries like Estonia and Finland are using coding and technology in the K-12 school curriculums.

Producer and Director Greg Hemmings sees this film premiere as a milestone marker for the movement. 

“The real horsepower of this movement happened as we filmed this story unfold. The finished film itself will be released to the public at a point where momentum has been achieved, I am excited to see this film used as a tool to inspire new thoughts about our education system and the future of our children’s economy.”

Jevon MacDonald, a tech entrepreneur and co-founder of GoInstant in Halifax believes that the technology economy is the first opportunity in over a century for Atlantic Canada to participate, and lead, in a high-growth and young part of the economy. 

“If we can bring the number of jobs in IT in Atlantic Canada up to the national average in proportion to the population, then we will have created more opportunity for young kids than ship building, forestry, bioscience, energy and agriculture. Making coding available in our schools gives our kids here in Atlantic Canada a fair shake in a world that otherwise wants them to labour their life away, either here or in some far off part of the country."

Tech entrepreneur, and co-founder of GoInstant Gavin Uhma recognizes that information technology is everywhere and if Atlantic Canadian shoals are not inspiring students to learn coding skills, then they are at a disadvantage.

“It's difficult to think of a job that does not involve some sort of information technology. Now, imagine the disadvantage Canada would be at if every other country taught coding in their schools. Fortunately, this is not a reality today, but is actually an opportunity. If we include programming in our k-12 curriculums, we'll be at an advantage.”

Coding advocate David Alston believes Atlantic Canada has a much higher chance of success because of the small population and supportive tech industry in the region. 

“Right now we have the edge.  Relatively speaking we have a large startup scene that other jurisdictions would love to have.  We can continue to feed this momentum by allowing students to embrace a modern skill, one that not only allows them to program the world around them, to improve it, but one that teaches them to embrace problem solving and turns on their entrepreneurial DNA. “

Code Kids airs on CBC Maritimes this Saturday Night, July 26 at 8pm. Web release in Canada and the rest of the world will be released in the near future. Please stay in touch via twitter #CodeKids and via the website . And please watch and share the film trailer below! 


Greg Hemmings




The Group of Industrial and Entrepreneurial Icons! Susan Holt – Boiling Point Podcast Ep. 3

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Susan Holt not only is the president and CEO of the New Brunswick Business Council, she is also an incredibly cool lady! She is one of those people who you can see across a busy room because of her fantastic smile and incredibly warm spirit. She has a super cool job, she gets some of the legends of industry and entrepreneurship together in a room to discuss the present and future state of business in the province of New Brunswick Canada. New Brunswick has a very unique business culture. It is not a weird thing to run into your local billionaire at a restaurant, or have a coffee with a leader of a multi million dollar enterprise. This place rocks for stat ups. The mentorship in this region is stellar, and everyone wants to support each other in success. New Brunswick is a case study that other regions should study. It is a great model for partnerships between the legacy family business and the entrepreneurial start up worlds.

This episode picks Susan's brain. She shares some great insights on business in this progressive region. Industrial and Entrepreneurial Icons are here! Keep listening to the podcast, share it and subscribe! Check out more about Susan and the Boiling Point Podcast at


Code Kid David Alston Pushes Coding in Schools. Boiling Point Podcast Ep. 2

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Ok, this episode is just great…my good friend, and inspirer David Alston speaks to Dave and I about the Code Kids movement. Code Kids is a project that he and I and a whack of other rad folks are pushing these days trying to get coding and technology integrated into the elementary and middle school curriculums. Coding in schools is topical all over the world right now. is a great inspirational resource for this movement as well. Hemmings House is producing a documentary for CBC that follows a year in the life of this movement. Stay tuned on release dates. In the near term check out some cool vids we have put together for the movement at 

David is a bit of a creative genius, I know he will kick my butt for saying such things, but it's true. He is involved in a bunch of awesome startups helping the grow into universal giants. Way to go Alston! 

Please subscribe to the Boiling Point Podcast on iTunes, and share share share! We want people to start hearing wise words from wise people… people like David, or as he is called in Uganda "Chi-cookoo", or "Crazy Chicken".

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A Happy and Kind World – A Vision Statement

HHP Vision Whteboard

Last week I brought the whole Hemmings House team to my living room to present my newly articulated life's purpose! Wow, super heavy eh? My friend and coach Dave Veale encouraged me to throw a bunch of values, dreams and visions on a whte board….mediate on them and then craft one sentence that explains the reason I do what I do… the purpose. As an owner of a company, the cool thing is that you can make your corporate vision statement to be the exact same one as your own personal vision statement! Who knew? The results have confirmed what was suspected all along… I am a peace loving hippy that wants to live in a world where people are kind to each other and that there are limited forces that pull people away from the ultimate stae of happiness.


My personal and corporate vision for Hemmings House is:

"A Happy and Kind World Fuelled by Passionate Storytelling."

How does we do this? We see the possibilities of a happy and kind world if people understood each other better. One of the best ways to help people understand each other is by sharing stories. We connect people to each other by telling stories, using the tools of video, photography, audio, animation…I call those creative media assets. So if its telling a story of how Estonia is becoming a pioneer in the world of technology , or how Venezuela is producing some of the worlds brightest classical musicians…we are connecting people together who need to be connected. We do the same thing for our commercial clients, we connect them to their customers by telling real stories that bring humanity back into the buyer-seller relationship. 

Every single decision my team and I make from this point forward will be measured against this vision statement. Hey it's really awesome have an articulated purpose, makes it easy to set direction and stay on track. Kick ass. 

I now have a reason and conviction to start blogging everyday again. If I don't continue to connect on a daily basis then I hold myself back from achieving my vision. Jah live!