A Vision and Mission Statement: A Life Roadmap

A few weeks ago I articulated my Vision Statement of A Happy and Kind World. Give it a whirl if you have a chance. My definition of a vision statement is a proclamation of a future state that every decision in our lives is designed to support. So what is a mission statement? The mission statement is the tangible steps that are required to realize the vision…it's a roadmap. I came up with the vision of a Happy and Kind World for Hemmings House because it also is my personal vision (thanks Dave Veale). Everything I do, every decision I make, and every ounce of energy I spend needs to be in line with that vision.

So what's my mission? How am I going to get to see a Happy and Kind World? Well, I'm glad you asked! (I forced that on your didn't I?)

People kill each other, steal from each other, and hate each other when they do not understand each other. We are tribal beings. We protect our own. Those enlightened earthlings who realize that 'our own' isn't limited just to our family,our team, our friends, our country, our race…'our own' to me is every living and non living thing. Our own is also our oneness, so why the shnikies aren't we seeing peace on this planet? Again…it's because we don't understand each other, and we live in the lie that we are not of the same royal bloodline, we all were birthed from the same source.

So how do I live my life to help contribute to a more understanding world? I use storytelling to connect people. When we hear each other's stories, when we are able to find a connection and commonality because of those stories, then we can empathize. Empathy (according to the amazing TheBabbleout.com editor-in-chief Zoey Miller!!!) is the capacity to recognize emotions that are being experienced by another sentiment or fictional being. We recognize emotions when we are connected, when we relate. Storytelling helps us connect, it helps us relate. 

Here are my personal commitments (my Mission Road Map) to help see my vision of a Happy and Kind World come to fruition. 

FILM & CREATIVE MEDIA – I own a production company that produces commercial films, documentaries, TV shows, web content, audio, photography, animation…digital media in the form of audio and video. This company allows our clients and us to connect to the globe, to other humans, partners and customers. 

PUBLIC SPEAKING - This is new for me… kinda. I find myself speaking in front of audiences often. In fact I recently achieved a life goal of presenting at a TEDx earlier this year! I am now being asked to speak to different audiences about storytelling, filmmaking, entrepreneurship and adventure. It's rad.

WRITING – A have written a travel and adventure article in the Telegraph Journal for the last 5 years. I have been blogging for almost a decade (with a new commitment to 'regularity'), and I am scheming up a book. Hey, I like to write. Tom Wolfe, Hunter Thompson and Jack Kerouac helped me realize that it's ok to translate your random stream of conscious thoughts into words! Hey if you haven't read Wolfe's Electirc Coolaid Acid Tests, Thompson's Another Roadside Attraction, or Kerouac's On The Road, then consider it your next three classic books to pick up.

MUSIC - For me music is the great connector. I am a musician, I am a drummer first, banjo, guitar, bass, piano…I love creating music with anything, and even more than creating, I consume and experience music almost every waking hour of my life…literaly. There is no other connector medium that is more effective on an emotional level than music for me. Go see Sigur Ros and you will know exactly where I am coming from! I am playing drums in a band called Fox Farm, we have been playing for a couple years and only two weeks ago got a name…for one show we called ourselves 'Holland Oats"…I kinda loved that name, we had about a hundred others! I am now creating music with Ableton Live's Push. Techno dance music is a great connector, a great way to get a few thousand people vibrating to the same sub frequencies…a great empathizer. 

I have really challenged myself to be active in all four of my mission road maps on a weekly basis, and that's why I am sharing it with you right now! So hey, thanks for letting me explain my purpose, maybe this blog helps you understand a bit more of who I am at the source. PLEASE share your vision and mission statement to people, its the first step to attracting kick ass people into your life. Jah Love.




Original Film Content Marketing , a Power Punch.

In the not so distant past, we would descibe content production houses as 'film, television, audio, animation and commercial video production factories'. But there is a shift that is happening, and its happening fast. Big brands like Vodafone, Coke and RedBull are leading the revolution of original film content production and distriution. No longer are content producers relying solely on traditional broadcasters to finance their content, big brands are opening up opportunities far and wide for producers to create stories that relate to their audience and customer base. 

Not only is RedBull Media House mastering the Art of Flight, they are mastering the Art of Original Content, and they are doing an AWESOME job. They built a massive audience by producing what in my mind some of the best extreme sports original film content ever produced. Even if people don't drink RedBull, they will watch their relevant content, share it, talk about, and help RedBull's brand name become household. Kick ass strategy in my mind. 

Vodaphone currently has a very cool orignal content channel called Firsts.com . They film a bunch of short documentaries of people doing things for the first time. Its rad. Check it out. Cool thing about this strategy is that they are gifting 'Firts' experiences to people who are in their target marketing demographic. People continue to submit their 'Firsts' requests on this Vodafone branded site in hopes that a film will be made of them experiening something epic for the first time. These guys are connecting with their audience in a real cool and life enhancing way. Way to go Vodafone!

And Coke, they pretty much invented experiential content marketing. I was really impressed with this experiment, they used a bunch of drones to deliver boxes of Coke to migrant workers as they built Singapore's skyscrapers. Its really touching. It's a message of gratitude and it brings smiles on people's faces, which is completly in line with Coke's vlaues. I know the budget on a film like that would not be anywhere the cost of one of their 30 second television ads…and I would suggest that the real authentic impact the original film content was more powerful than their typical TV ads. 

Creating awesome original content that develops fanbase the same way great TV shows do is the way of the NOW. TV ad spend may still be part of marketing budgets…in many cases it should be…but for similar and smaller budgets brands can invest in killer original films and release them online for free to target viewers who become powerful evangelists for the brand. 

Here is our latest TV series called Cubicle to the Cage (airing on radX in Canada). We recently sold it to Brazil, but are still pushing for an American broadcast partner for this show. But as I think about it, maybe we should be pushing shows like this out to the big brands as financing partners as well.


Don't forget… stay happy, be kind, and produce original film content marketing .

Orignal Content Marketing Punch Cubicle to the Cage

Learn How To Tell Your Story With Moving Pictures!


It took a year and a half to accomplish, but here we are! Hemmings House and Sociallogical are very excited to roll out our latest course, “Moving Pictures: Making and Sharing Social Videos”. This is an introductory course that will motivate you to pick up your own camera and begin producing content immediately! My brother Greg worked on developing this project with Sociallogical for quite some time now, so we are all very excited to share it with the community. Hope you enjoy!


Read more and sign up for the course at Sociallogical.com



Greg’s Legends – Shannon Hoon

When I founded my business it was all about the music. It still is in many ways, but in the early days of Hemmings House, the sole purpose was to bring live music to the world through the magic of video. As time went on this company has evolved into the world of commercial, corporate, documentary and television series production, but the love of music is still at its core.

I was on a road trip the other day and put Blind Melon on as I was driving the airline (route 9) between Bangor Maine and the Canadian border. I thought to myself of how much this band and Shannon Hoon influenced me when I was beginning my career as a filmmaker. I started thinking of all the other icons who shaped who I am, and who my company is today as well.

October 21st, 1995 Shannon Hoon died on his tour bus with a cocaine overdose at the age of 28. I always wonder what sort of brilliant art he would be creating today if he were still with us.

Here is a gem I found on Youtube.

Thanks for reading!