Latest Two Commercials and Events!

Hemmings House Golf Team

I hope that all who celebrated Thanksgiving this weekend had a great one and were able to spend time with the people you love!

The last two weeks at Hemmings House has been very QUIET, Why? Because we are everywhere but the office! 

  • Mark just got back from Calgary filming bobsled athletes as they train for the upcoming and furious! 
  • Lauchlan just finished cutting four of our latest TV commercials with our friends at Hudson to be released very soon!
  • Jen is in the tropics enjoying her honeymoon, congrats Jenny and David! 
  • Andrew just delivered the final episode of our MMA series, Cubicle to the Cage to our broadcaster radX…12 episodes of awesome! 
  • Steve and Greg just returned from a successful food & travel television shoot in Paris followed by a week of industry fun at MIPCOM in Cannes.

We have several events in October leading into November. Check out our new Events CalendarMake sure you check it today because we have events and screenings starting THIS WEEK!!!

Our distributors sold two of our TV projects this week (Wrestling With Reality and Melting Lands) and we continue to pitch and sell regional stories that are relevant to the world. 

As it is Thanksgiving weekend, I was thinking of how blessed we are to have such great supporters, customers and friends. Hemmings House has really grown into a bit of a culture of its own, a culture that attracts creative people, adventurous people, lovers of life and great story telling. I read a great blog post from Sociallogical’s Jeff Roach about being thankful to your supporters, it was perfectly fitting for my Thanksgiving weekend.


Featured Work at Hemmings House


Foursum – Unlock Your Game from Hemmings House on Vimeo.

In the spirit of thanksgiving I want to send a million props to our friends at ! They connected with us to film their latest commercial spot.

The Foursum guys have recently developed an awesome golf app that features tens of thousands of courses world wide, you gotta check out what these guys are developing! I had the pleasure of directing this spot alongside Steve and Jen producing with the visual brilliance of Lauchlan behind the lens. 


JDI TV Spots 

We had a ball working with Revolution Strategy and JD Irving again for yet another three television commercial spots. We are really proud of how these turned out. We even brought our ole’ friend Warren Sonoda from Toronto via LA to direct the series of ads again. (On another note keep an eye out for the Trailer Park Boys latest project Swearnet, Warren recently finished directing that gem as well!). Take a look at the campaign and three commercials here -



Blast to the Past

Grave Concerns: Jack Kerouac from Hemmings House on Vimeo.

Hemmings House is celebrating a decade of doing business in Atlantic Canada. Every once in a while I like to reach back in the archives and watch films that we produced in our earlier years. As a huge Jack Kerouac fan, and as an even larger Brent Mason fan I particularly love this little half hour documentary we produced for CBC. If you haven’t seen this film yet, please do check it out, its alot of fun!

Fall is Blasting by Fast with Events & Screenings

It’s October already!!!

Fall is blasting by fast, but that’s not such a bad thing for those of us who can’t wait for the mountains of New England to get covered with snow for another ski season…right? One of the reasons September has gone by so fast for Hemmings House is because we have all had our nose to the grindstone creating cool films and photography for cool clients.

We are proud to showcase some of our work, so if you have time over your coffee break take a scroll through and watch a few videos that we have produced recently, and also learn about some of the other things we are up to. As I write this blog and emailer I am flying from Toronto to Paris to shoot a pilot for our latest TV series. I am also very excited to watch our very own Andrew MacCormack’s short film Here and Away on Air Canada’s enRoute In Flight Television! If you are flying Air Canada be sure to check it out! 

Steve and I will also be continuing down the coast to Cannes to attend MIPCOM, the world’s leading broadcast industry convention, and I apologize in advance for any Instagram photos we send of us enjoying wine and baguettes beachside on the Mediterranean!

Events & Screenings

October is a big month for Hemmings House with notable events that we are hosting or are involved with. Mark your calendars! 

October 5th – 1pm AST: CBC Screening

Our latest documentary, the Boy Who Was Bullied, will air Nationally on CBC Television at 1pm. This film explores the life and accomplishments of John Peters Humphrey and his role in fighting international bullying. 

October 18th – 5-7pm: Music NB Mixer 

This is going to be a fun night! Music NB Week is happening in Saint John so make sure you get a delegates pass and support our incredible musicians as they gather in our city to celebrate accomplishments of their art and business. Hemmings House is a proud sponsor of Music NB week and will be hosting a great mixer at our studio in the Creative Soup Building, 3rd floor. Become a delegate at and join us for some great music, beer (thanks Picaroons!) and food (thanks Mazzadro!).

October 18th – 7:30-9pm: HHP International Films Screening  

From A Broken Heart Promo from Hemmings House on Vimeo.

Immediately following the Music NB Mixer, we invite people to join us at the Mary Oland Theatre at the NB Museum in Saint John for the Hemmings House International Films Screening. Every year we find ourselves working on projects around the globe. This night we will be featuring four short films with corresponding Q&As. Brent Mason will be performing some tunes as well!

Admission is free, but donations will be accepted with proceeds donated to Uganda Venture. Please let us know if you can attend by signing in! 

'From a Broken Heart' Film Screening

  • “San Miguel”. Directed by Mark Hemmings, this film shows the beauty of one of Mexico’s best kept secrets. Photographers Mark Hemmings and James Wilson hosts annual photography workshops in this beautiful city. This film supports their efforts in supporting these workshops, and celebrating international photography. 
  • “Brent in China”. Directed by Lauchlan Ough, this film follows folk musician Brent Mason as he travels to China and collaborates with Chinese folk musicians in hopes of creating cross cultural musical relationships.
  • “Here and Away”. Directed by Andrew MacCormack, this short film tells the story of an old man living on a small island and a young woman in one of the worlds biggest cities discuss why no other place could be home. (Also screened on Air Canada’s in flight television)
  • “From a Broken Heart”. Directed by Greg Hemmings, this film tells the story of how a young girl from the village of Tabiro in Uganda and a doctor from Halifax in Canada built a bridge that has enriched the two countries. 


October 24th – 7-9pm: The Boy Who Was Bullied screening in Hampton

Our latest documentary, the Boy Who Was Bullied will be screened in Hampton, New Brunswick, the home of John Peters Humphrey! This film explores the life and accomplishments of John Peters Humphrey and his role in fighting international bullying. There will be performances, Q&A, and refreshments at the event. Come celebrate the legacy of a local hero! 

October 25th – 8-5PM: Women Reshaping the World

Women Reshaping the World is an amazing conference that Hemmings House is a major sponsor of. This conference takes place in Halifax and is one that should not be missed. Get more information for registration here.

Every Thursday Night until December 

Cubicle to the Cage Intro from Hemmings House on Vimeo.

Our latest TV series Cubicle to the Cage airs weekly on radX. Call your local cable provider for subscription information. This channel is awesome and has no commercials!

Cubicle to the Cage will air at the Saint John Ale House every Thursday night at the pub! Be there at 10:30 and enjoy a pint of Moosehead’s Cask Ale with us as we watch the series unfold!


Contact Hemmings House

If you want to get together to discuss any future projects please let us know, we would love to take you out for a coffee (or a wine at Happinez if the time of the day suits!) to brainstorm how Hemmings House can help you tell your story. 

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