The Rebirth of the Zine – Hard Times in the Maritimes

Coming from a fine arts background I am no stranger to zines and zine culture. These tiny pieces of art represent a lot of blood, sweat, and tears for the people involved in their creation. I used to buy dozens of issues at popular zine fairs from individuals who would eagerly talk to me about their issues, the ideas behind them, and how they involved others. Zines have always been an incredibly affective, and often times free way to reach out to (and engage with) communities in a very authentic way. I have always admired how zines support collaboration through submissions and also how they are distributed to the public, sometimes by tucking them away in strange nooks to be found by the curious passer-by.

Saint John is lucky to have a zine for our community. Hard Times In The Maritimes was created by Julia Wright and Pamela Pierce. This zine was born from a real desire to share art and stories about Saint John's community. It does not shy away from the difficult topics and it allows others to share moments special to them.






After enjoying this exceptional piece of work for a year and personally contributing to its pages myself, Emily St. Pierre and I from Hemmings House wanted to help these two exceptional women by producing a Indiegogo Campaign video for them. With this video we hope that Hard Times In The Maritimes will continue to grow and develop independent voices to keep the creative community thriving.

Check out the campaign here to donate.