Innovation Connections Between Toilets and Robotic Hands!

What the heck did we do before 1907, the year that the Vortex Flushing Toilet was invented in New Brunswick, Canada? Remember the cute little moon holes in the doors of outhouses? Yeah, they were pretty neat. As it turns out the Canadian province New Brunswick, the small province of less than a Million people, is the home of a ‘Crap’ load of innovations and inventions that have had global impact over the years! Did you know many argue that the origin of the word ‘crap’ refers to late 19th century plumber & innovator Thomas Crapper who invented the siphonic toilet that hosted his Crapper brand name etched into the toilet's porcelain? But we are not here to talk about Mr. Crapper’s toilet, we are here to talk about the evolution of his toilet, toilet 2.0 if you will; The Vortex Flushing Toilet! This bad boy was Innovated in New Brunswick by Thomas McAvity Stewart.

Fast forward over a century and we see evolutions of many other innovations happening in the very same province. The brilliant engineers, scientists and designers at the University of New Brunswick have evolved the prosthetic arm and hand to a point where movement of the hand is controlled by thought! How cool is that?

So next time someone ask’s what the connection between a toilet and the thought-powered prosthetic hand is, well now you can tell them with confidence! And you can show them this little film that the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation commissioned Hemmings House to produce! And if you have an innovative idea, check out NBIF in case they can help  your brilliant idea become a reality! Crapper would be proud.