Innovation Connection Between the Snow Blower and Social Media Monitoring!

What the heck did we do before 1870, the year that the snow blower was invented in New Brunswick, Canada? There must have been lots of back aches and hard attacks from all that shoveling!

As it turns out New Brunswick, the small province of less than a Million people, is the home of a ‘shovel’ load of innovations and inventions that have had global impact over the years! Pretty cool eh? Get my drift? It snow coincidence that a New Brunswick innovator Robert Carr Harris (who lived in a province that knows a lot about shoveling the white stuff) invented the snow blower!

Fast forward over a century and a half and we see innovations happening in the very same place. The super smart team at Radian6 innovated a way to monitor social media conversations, changing the way brands interact with their customers and fans!

So next time someone ask’s what the connection between snow blowers and social media monitoring, well now you can tell them with confidence! And you can show them this little film that the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation commissioned Hemmings House to Produce. And if you have an innovative idea, check out in case they can help your brilliant idea become a reality! Robert Carr Harris would be proud!