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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New TV Series Real Houses of… to Air Beginning Sept. 8, 2015 on W Network

Series Represents First Joint Venture Between Saint John-Based Co-Producers,
Talons of Venice and Hemmings House Pictures

Saint John, NB – On Tuesday, Sept. 8, a new lifestyle television series will air on the W Network, Talons of Venice and Hemmings House announced today.

The series, Real Houses of…, represents the first joint venture between Hemmings House Pictures Ltd. and Talons of Venice – the content creation arm of Saint John-based marketing agency, Revolution Strategy.

“With the launch of this show, we’re showing broadcasters and networks around the world that content producers on Canada’s east coast are producing premier programming,” said Greg Hemmings, President and CEO of Hemmings House. “This has been a wonderful opportunity to showcase the creative talent force we have here in Saint John.”

Derek Riedle, Executive Producer with Talons of Venice and founder of Revolution Strategy said, “We are always looking for the next creative pursuit, and from concept to air date, we are thrilled with how quickly this series came to life. This show is proof that we can execute on smart ideas, and produce creative products for global markets from our home in Saint John.”

“This is world-class programming with creative excellence in research, production and post-production, thanks to our teams in Ontario and New Brunswick,” said Arnie Zipursky, Executive Producer at CCI Entertainment. “We are proud to present the series with The Fremantle Corporation to the global market at MIPCOM next month.”

Fifteen 30-minute episodes of Real Houses of… will air this fall, two episodes every Tuesday night, beginning at 10 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. ET / PT, beginning Sept. 8 on the W Network. Episode locations will span North America, focusing on five regions: Texas, New York, Los Angeles, Western Canada and Atlantic Canada.

On Tuesday, Sept. 8, Talons of Venice and Hemmings House will co-host a Real Houses of… launch party for the series at the Saint John Ale House in Saint John, New Brunswick.

The production of Real Houses of… employed a crew of about 20 full-time employees – all based in New Brunswick.

In February 2014, Talons of Venice and Hemmings House formed a partnership with CCI Entertainment to produce and distribute content for television networks in Canada and around the world. CCI Entertainment and its global sales agents also introduced the pilot at MIPCOM – the four-day, international entertainment content conference – in Cannes, Oct. 13-16, 2014.

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About Real Houses of…

Real Houses Of… invites you into some of the most incredible homes in North America. You won’t find “cookie cutter” here. These fabulous spaces are one-of-a-kind, custom-designed to fit the needs and lifestyles of their remarkable owners. From historic east coast manors to ultra-modern Pacific pads, these Real Houses push wow factor to the max. With luxurious bedrooms, resort-worthy pools, spectacular bathrooms, million-dollar views and kitchens hot enough to make a French chef swoon – this series is guaranteed to astonish and inspire.

About the Creators

Hemmings House Pictures Ltd. (hemmingshouse.com) is an award-winning content producer that focuses on documentaries and factual television series with a vision to inspire and engage audiences around the world to positive action. Hemmings House has earned a reputation as the production company that injects 'real' back into reality television through their work with productions like Cubicle to the Cage. Leaning heavily on a decade of documentary passion and experience, Hemmings House produces authentic stories that accelerate change.

From New Brunswick, Canada and California, USA, Talons of Venice Entertainment Inc. (talonsofvenice.com) is the content creation arm of Revolution Strategy (revolutionstrategy.com), a fully integrated, Saint John-based marketing and communications agency. We invent and unearth compelling content and leverage it through great creative, storytelling, positioning and digital strategy. Talons of Venice has set up shop in LA, but Saint John will always be home.

CCI (Cambium Catalyst International) Entertainment Ltd. (ccientertainment.com) has over 30 years of experience in television production and international distribution in all genres including kids, lifestyle, drama and factual programming. During this time, the company has set new standards for excellence, service and integrity in the international entertainment arena with over 2,000 hours of award-winning content including factual programming such as Paws for Autism for Animal Planet, Living Through Dying for Discovery Network, recent children’s and family content including two seasons of Extreme Babysitting and three seasons of Ghost Trackers for YTV and HBO Family, the award winning holiday family movie ANYTHING BUT CHRISTMAS for ION in the US, BBC in the UK and M6 in France. The exceptional in-house talent, combined with the expertise of a global network of production partners, has contributed to CCI’s strong track record as a trustworthy, innovative and successful force in the entertainment industry.

For more information, please contact:

Greg Hemmings

Executive Producer – Hemmings House

O: 506.642.0872 / M: 506.639.6577


More on W Network here: http://www.wnetwork.com/shows/real-houses

Crew shot at Judith Mackin and Robert Moore House for "Real Houses of" shoot



Cutting out good Content Marketing material is OK!


Do you ever get frustrated trying to compress a lot of information into small, digestible bits of content for audience consumption, engagement and retention? You always want to give your audience relevant info that will relate to their needs and pain-points, but you don’t want to overwhelm them with a boat load of facts and figures that will drown them before they even get to enjoy the heart of the message. 

We include video in our content marketing toolbox with the hopes that it will not only compliment our blogs, whitepapers and presentations, but that it will also become the magnet that will attract and retain audiences. The video medium, if executed with enough care, can take relatively mundane information and bring it to life by educating people through entertainment. 

The Bill Gale Animation

Hemmings House was hired a while back to produce a fun animation that would sum up the life of a community leader named Bill Gale. The video would be used at a Roast in his honour, and then released on the web. His biography and resume are a truly impressive collection of honors and accomplishments. When our client asked us to produce the animation, they gave us a six-page document that summarized years and years of Bill’s action-packed life in the finance world. There was far more information in the written document that could be compressed into a 90 second video.  And despite the accomplishments, it is a bit of a challenge to communicate an engaging message based solely on a list of resume highlights. 

Our team discussed the challenge and we came up with an entertaining Monty Python-esque cartoon that would sum up Bills life in a metered 90-second period of time (start the clock!). We used humor, colorful animation, and a very rapid narration to tell this story. 

Don’t be Scared!

Never be afraid of compressing allot information into something with less details. As a filmmaker myself, I was always taught that the greatest film editors knew which of the best scenes to cut and throw on the floor, even if they were the nicest looking shots of the whole production. Sometimes to get to the meat of the message you have to trim the fat, even if the fat is great content. 

When you have more data than you feel you can sift through, don’t let that discourage you. There is always a very simple story that can be told in an entertaining and engaging way, you just need to simplify. People do not consume stories because they are rich in statistics and cerebral concepts. People consume stories because they are simple, entertaining and they can relate to them.

This is also true for any of your content marketing production. Give the audience valuable data that is detailed enough to bring value, but not so deep that you loose them after 10 seconds. Using humor and unique styles in the way you tell your stories is also a great way to keep eyeballs on your content. 

me and Steinbeck






Latest Two Commercials and Events!

Hemmings House Golf Team

I hope that all who celebrated Thanksgiving this weekend had a great one and were able to spend time with the people you love!

The last two weeks at Hemmings House has been very QUIET, Why? Because we are everywhere but the office! 

  • Mark just got back from Calgary filming bobsled athletes as they train for the upcoming Olympics...fast and furious! 
  • Lauchlan just finished cutting four of our latest TV commercials with our friends at Hudson to be released very soon!
  • Jen is in the tropics enjoying her honeymoon, congrats Jenny and David! 
  • Andrew just delivered the final episode of our MMA series, Cubicle to the Cage to our broadcaster radX…12 episodes of awesome! 
  • Steve and Greg just returned from a successful food & travel television shoot in Paris followed by a week of industry fun at MIPCOM in Cannes.

We have several events in October leading into November. Check out our new Events CalendarMake sure you check it today because we have events and screenings starting THIS WEEK!!!

Our distributors sold two of our TV projects this week (Wrestling With Reality and Melting Lands) and we continue to pitch and sell regional stories that are relevant to the world. 

As it is Thanksgiving weekend, I was thinking of how blessed we are to have such great supporters, customers and friends. Hemmings House has really grown into a bit of a culture of its own, a culture that attracts creative people, adventurous people, lovers of life and great story telling. I read a great blog post from Sociallogical’s Jeff Roach about being thankful to your supporters, it was perfectly fitting for my Thanksgiving weekend.


Featured Work at Hemmings House


Foursum – Unlock Your Game from Hemmings House on Vimeo.

In the spirit of thanksgiving I want to send a million props to our friends at Foursum.com ! They connected with us to film their latest commercial spot.

The Foursum guys have recently developed an awesome golf app that features tens of thousands of courses world wide, you gotta check out what these guys are developing! I had the pleasure of directing this spot alongside Steve and Jen producing with the visual brilliance of Lauchlan behind the lens. 


JDI TV Spots 

We had a ball working with Revolution Strategy and JD Irving again for yet another three television commercial spots. We are really proud of how these turned out. We even brought our ole’ friend Warren Sonoda from Toronto via LA to direct the series of ads again. (On another note keep an eye out for the Trailer Park Boys latest project Swearnet, Warren recently finished directing that gem as well!). Take a look at the campaign and three commercials here -http://www.justaskjdi.com



Blast to the Past

Grave Concerns: Jack Kerouac from Hemmings House on Vimeo.

Hemmings House is celebrating a decade of doing business in Atlantic Canada. Every once in a while I like to reach back in the archives and watch films that we produced in our earlier years. As a huge Jack Kerouac fan, and as an even larger Brent Mason fan I particularly love this little half hour documentary we produced for CBC. If you haven’t seen this film yet, please do check it out, its alot of fun!

Hunter Hayes Music Video

On March 26th, we received an email from a LA producer saying that he had gotten our name from a director friend of ours (Warren Sonoda) and that we had come highly recommended as a great production company to work with. He went on to say that he had a bit of a crazy request…He was working with More Media (a Los Angeles music video company) and that they were planning on shooting a music video for country pop star Hunter Hayes in Saint John on April 1st. Now remember, this is March 26th, a music video usually takes a couple weeks of prep before it goes to camera. Furthermore, the shoot date seemed a bit suspicious: April 1st? April Fools? Nevertheless, we spoke on the phone and we did our background check on the producer, the company, and, of course, Hunter. Turns out they were all legitimate and Hunter was in fact scheduled to play at Harbour Station on April 2nd with Carrie Underwood. We accepted the job. The next 6 days would prove to be some of the hardest (and longest) days of my career to date. Some of our responsibilities for road housing this project was: location scouting, casting, finding over 20 crew members, production management, location management, all equipment (lights, grip, camera, plus insurance), accommodations and travel arrangements for out of towners, filming permits, payroll for Canadian crew, per diem for American crew, finding an airplane and hanger, getting on rooftops and throwing bottles off of it, finding a school we could “break into”, and so on.


The days leading up to the shoot were tough, tougher than I thought actually. Not only was it a last minute project, but it was Easter (long) weekend too. That meant finding gear, locations, actors, and crew was very difficult. We ended renting gear from over a half a dozen places in four provinces and bringing in some very talented people from Ontario, New Brunswick, Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, and Nova Scotia. One of the things I love about Saint John is how willing people are to help out. I love that it never changes and that it always makes me feel proud to call this my home. The locations we ended up with were amazing. The people, who owned, managed, or worked there, were all accommodating and willing to go above and beyond. Big ups go out to all our beautiful shoot locations with Marijke and Danny at SJ High School, Carl and Jim at Mahogany Manor, Stacey, Nick, Shawn and Seamus at the Atlantic Flight Centre, Keith and his lovely family at Historica Development, Derek, Terri, and their two little boy wonders at Revolution Strategy, and the best driver this side of Montreal Jim at SJ Executive Limousines!! Thank you all so very much! I could really go on about the great experience, but why don’t we just watch Hunter's behind the scenes video instead :)


Oh! And here is my interview on CBC Information Morning Saint John about the filming of the project!



Big love! xo, Steve