Our Latest TV Series is in Production and MIPCOM Bound!

CCI Releasing to Launch New Lifestyle Series, “Real Houses of…” at MIPCOM,

A Joint Partnership with Hemmings Films & Talons of Venice

Principal Production Underway on Partnership’s First Joint Venture

Saint John, NB – CCI Entertainment Inc., Hemmings Films Ltd. and Talons of Venice Entertainment Inc. are pleased to announce the beginning of principal production of their first joint venture, the new 20-episode television series, “Real Houses of….

CCI Entertainment and its global sales agents will also introduce the pilot at MIPCOM – the four-day, international entertainment content conference – in Cannes, Oct. 13-16.

In February 2014, the three companies formed a partnership to produce and distribute content for television networks in Canada and around the world.

“CCI is excited to be working with such highly talented co-producers at Hemmings Films and Talons of Venice of New Brunswick,” said Arnie Zipursky, Executive Producer at CCI Entertainment.

“Real Houses of…” will showcase 60 unique and beautiful homes in 20 half-hour episodes.

“We’re storytellers above all else,” said Greg Hemmings, President & CEO of Hemmings Films. “And we can’t wait to begin telling the stories behind these amazing homes and the people who created them. We’re showing broadcasters and networks around the world that content producers on Canada’s east coast are producing premier programming.”

Locations will span North America, focusing on five key regions: Texas, New York City, Los Angeles, Western Canada and Atlantic Canada.

“Less than eight months after announcing this partnership, we’ve inked our first deal,” said Derek Riedle, President of Talons of Venice and Founder of marketing agency Revolution Strategy. “I’m very proud that our agency is branching out into this new and creative space. We’re drawing on a really diverse set of skills to do this, which shows our ability to collaborate and make exciting things happen.”

CCI will also be bringing its dramatic series DISPATCH, animated digital pilot BOB THE SLOB, and properties TAFFY SALTWATER and CRICKET & WREN to MIPCOM.

About the Creators

CCI (Cambium Catalyst International) Entertainment Ltd. (ccientertainment.com) has over 30 years of experience in television production and international distribution in all genres including kids, lifestyle, drama and factual programming. During this time, the company has set new standards for excellence, service and integrity in the international entertainment arena with over 2,000 hours of award-winning content including factual programming such as Paws for Autism for Animal Planet, Living Through Dying for Discovery Network, recent children’s and family content including two seasons of Extreme Babysitting and three seasons of Ghost Trackers for YTV and HBO Family, the award winning holiday family movie ANYTHING BUT CHRISTMAS for ION in the US, BBC in the UK and M6 in France. The exceptional in-house talent, combined with the expertise of a global network of production partners, has contributed to CCI’s strong track record as a trustworthy, innovative and successful force in the entertainment industry.

Hemmings Films Ltd. (hemmingshouse.com) is an award-winning content producer that focuses on documentaries and factual television series with a vision to inspire and engage audiences around the world. Hemmings Films has earned a reputation as the production company that injects 'real' back into reality television through their work with productions like Cubicle to the Cage. Leaning heavily on a decade of documentary passion and experience, Hemmings Films and its sister company Hemmings House Pictures produce authentic stories that accelerate change.

From New Brunswick, Canada and California, USA, Talons of Venice Entertainment Inc. (talonsofvenice.com) is the content creation arm of Revolution Strategy (revolutionstrategy.com), a fully integrated, Saint John-based marketing and communications agency. We invent and unearth compelling content and leverage it through great creative, storytelling, positioning and digital strategy. Talons of Venice has set up shop in LA, but Saint John will always be home.

For more information, please contact:

Brendan Glauser

Revolution Strategy

(506) 646-1839

(506) 651-9858


I Write My Blogs in my Hot Tub

I had a bummer of a surf day today. Five of us got out today to Mispec, the waves were huge (well huge for the Bay of Fundy). They we ranging from five to 10 feet. But the wind was heavy and the period very short today with waves coming in every direction. I gassed out after trying to grab my third or forth wave. When I paddle out past the breaks and work against those waves with a strong offshore wind to boot, it for sure tests strength of mind body and spirit. So after about a half hour I bailed and headed towards shore to call it a day. But the crazy thing was that the undercurrent was so strong forcing the water back to sea that it was almost impossible for me to walk myself and my board in, despite it only being waist deep. I finally got to shore a defeated man (I chuckle as I write that statement pampering myself with a soak in my 105 degree Fahrenheit hot tub… Hoping to not drop my iPhone!)

I watched the other guys from the parking lot as I packed up… They stayed out another hour at least and caught some epic waves. As it turned out the wind died down a bit and they had a great session. Earlier on my way to the beach I was pumped , inspired and ready to tackle what ever the Bay had to offer. As I drove back I felt like I gave up to quick.

I always say “life is too short to drink bad red wine”, well I also say that about surfing in Saint John, New Brunswick… “Life is too short – and big waves too few in the Bay of Fundy – to give up so quick. If I’m in the water flat or huge, short or long, it’s a blessing to be able to ride nature this way and maybe I am too hard on myself. At least I got in!

Making Sweat Deals on Surf Boards

Today was a record breaking surf day for us in Saint John…10 surfers, (both standup and prone) ended up in the Bay of Fundy at the same time. That's no big deal anywhere else on the Atlantic Coast, but considering three years ago when I started to surf there were only four of us, it's pretty cool to see more people getting out and enjoying the waves in this untouched bit of coast line. I am a standup paddle surfer, it's how I learned, its the best form of surfing for the type of waves we have here in New Brunswick, and it's just as fun on flat water river paddling as it is surfing on 6 foot breaks. Today I took a prone (regular surfboard) long board out. Prone surfing is brand new for me and it takes a crazy amount of upper body strength and endurance. The water was freezing and I was running out of gas. My friend Joe paddled over on his 10ft Naish SUP board and offered to trade boards for a bit so I could catch a few waves with standup, which I am much more comfortable with. We swapped and I hit the waves. This board is a foot and a half shorter than my SUP board and it just carves in the waves unlike anything I have ever surfed before. For the first time I felt like I had ultimate control in our Bay of Fundy waves. Our waves are so small, and tides so volatile that it makes for a very interesting surf experience, but if you can catch rides i the Bay here, then you can surf anywhere. I have proven that. I always feel great and competent surfing in Souther California, Mexico, Florida, Hawaii and Nova Scotia, but they have consistantly great waves…there is power and speed in those waves, something we typically don't have here. But Joe's board helped me surf like I can at more solid surf spots. I was glowing, I caught my last wave and headed towards him as he was catching a good one on the long board. I yelled at him as I surfed past, "This board surfs like a dream!" He said, "Wanna buy it?"…I said "Heck yea!" and left the beach with a new 10 foot SUP surf board. There are firsts for everything but this is officially the first negotiation I have ever had during the act of surfing!

Like everything in life, doors are opened to us at all times. The door for me was to except the fact that I was gassed out on the long board and take advantage of Joe's offer to let me use his SUP board, because I did that I can now surf way sexier! Nice! 


Joe Cormier - Saint John Surf


Uganda Calling!



Today Hemmings House was involved with the CHAT To The Future luncheon. What is CHAT to the future you ask? Well picture this, they use Skype to connect over 40 North American Schools to a small orphanage in Uganda. The students learn entrepreneurialism to fully fund the living and learning needs of the kids in the orphanage. It's a two way exchange, and they connect classes twice a week to the kids at the orphanage. They share songs, dances, they even built a snowman together! Yeah, holy Hannah that's cool right? 

Check out their webpage to get involved, if you are a teacher, you should get your school connected!!!  chattothefuture.org

And if you can support their movement, click here: http://chattothefuture.org/chat/give/

I love entrepreneurial approaches to this concept of global citizenship. The two way exchange helps kids on both sides of the Skype globe realize that they all have something in common…they are all kids! The people at the lunch today got to experience a two was communication with the kids in Uganda. They sand a song for us and one of the CHAT teachers and students played a sang The Weight by the Band.

Connecting people with technology to make the world a nicer place …I'm digging it. And that's the trip I'm on these days…it is also my life and corporate focus…continue to thrive for a Happy and Kind world by connecting people. CHAT is doing their job connecting kids so they can share and experience a bit of life together. Technology is a great connector and these guys are rockin' it for the good!

Here is a film we helped put together for CHAT.


Canada Day SUP SURF at Courtney Bay

Canada Day, 2013.

We discovered Courtney Bay as a great little paddle surf spot less than a month ago. We have been ridin'er ever since! Today was VERY foggy. My friend Amy came down from Fredericton to try out her regular surf board. I also got her on my other SUP board to give it a try. My good pals Pete and Terry also joined us with their SUPs… until we literally got split up by because of the thick fog! (It is Pete who I smashed into in this video :-). For our Bay of Fundy Waves, the stand up paddle surf board is really the key for a fun session, the waves are not like they are in Nova Scotia or New England, so using a regular small board is a bit more difficult. Celebrating Canada Day by jumping into her beloved Bay of Fundy and catching some waves made my weekend! 



Hemmings Vlog #1 “SURF CITY SUP”

All I wanted for Fathers Day this weekend was to take an hour an go for a surf. My wife was at work today so I spent the Saturday with my two little girls, awesome day…the sun was shining and summer is in the air. When she came home I was able to sneak out around 5:30 pm with the SUP board pre-strapped to my Thule roof rack. I checked out our regular spot at Bayshore, but it was a disappointing high tide flat. I texted Dave and he said that Cournty’s was small and breaking at the shore, probably not worth going out.


I decided to drive East and see for myself. When I arrived Joe was already in, and there was a small swell, nothing over a foot, maybe two. And the tide was almost fully up, certainly not the most perfect SUP conditions, but Joe and I went out anyway and the little rollers ended up having enough power to give us a great Father’s Day-eve Surf City SUP. The take away I learned here is to not give up the chance to live life because you are too busy waiting for the perfect conditions to present themselves. Life is fast, grab the moments – big AND small – whenever you can.






The Leadership Ride

We are excited to have been part of executive coach Dave Veale and Vision Coaching’s latest film. Dave has been a mentor and friend to Hemmings House as a company and to us as individuals. We have worked with Executive Coaches from around the world because of the friendship and business we have had the pleasure of developing with Dave and the Vision team. If you are in growth mode for your business, do not take the leadership ride alone, executive coaching works, and Hemmings House is living proof! Thanks Dave and Vision Coaching team, lots of fun to work with you!

MAKE SURE you check out more about Vision coaching at their website, we love those guys and gals!


Greg’s Legends – Shannon Hoon

When I founded my business it was all about the music. It still is in many ways, but in the early days of Hemmings House, the sole purpose was to bring live music to the world through the magic of video. As time went on this company has evolved into the world of commercial, corporate, documentary and television series production, but the love of music is still at its core.

I was on a road trip the other day and put Blind Melon on as I was driving the airline (route 9) between Bangor Maine and the Canadian border. I thought to myself of how much this band and Shannon Hoon influenced me when I was beginning my career as a filmmaker. I started thinking of all the other icons who shaped who I am, and who my company is today as well.

October 21st, 1995 Shannon Hoon died on his tour bus with a cocaine overdose at the age of 28. I always wonder what sort of brilliant art he would be creating today if he were still with us.

Here is a gem I found on Youtube.

Thanks for reading!