Great People Share Knowledge

Sharing knowledge is what evolves the human race. When I was in high school, I played drums in a band, we were called Playdough Fish. We were pretty good…for a bunch of teenagers. We played Zeppelin, Floyd, The Hip, Tea Party, and we write originals as well. We thought we were pretty tight. But now when I see and hear what kids are producing in high school in the YouTube knowledge share generation, its blowing my mind! Every generation evolves from the previous, and it's all because of the transfer and share of knowledge. 

I love people who share cool stuff with me, it fuels my desire to keep sharing with others. It's no fun to play at a playground by yourself, or find a cool cave and adventure into it alone, or find new and awesome ways to connect with the world if no one else is doing it with you. 

This morning my good friend Jeff Roach of invited me over for early morning coffee to help me understand Google+ more. In my never ending quest to connect with the greatest, most awesome, stuff-doin' people on the planet, I need all the help I can get to stay on top of the ever evolving social streams. Social is everywhere, lifetime clumps of knowledge are being shared every millisecond today…it's easy to feel a bit lost sometimes. 

I didn't ask Jeff for help, he just knew I could use it to help me fulfill my vision of building a happy and kind world through storytelling, so he invted me over for a 'Learn' session. As Jeff and his kick-ass wife Kelly were feeding their toddler breakfast during my G+ workshop, Jeff reminded me of the Sociallogical brand statement, 'A Share Thing'. I have deep respect for people who actually live their vision, mission and brand statement. Thanks Jeff for sharing with me today bro. And thanks to everyone who has gone out of their way to share cool stuff with me to enhance my adventure. Keep sharing in the groove! (Sorry had to land the Phish Weekapaug Groove reference in there somewhere)