Dec 21, 2016 | Posted by: admin

Many people have asked me why my Millennial Dream partners and I (we are all generation X and Baby Boomers) think we can have a legitimate voice in telling the Millennial Dream story. The question of course is a natural one considering none of us who have been drawn to make this project happen are Millennials. My response to the question is this:

We are not trying to define the dream of the Millennial generation. We are trying to explore what this generation values. This information can help us truthfully answer the question; “Is New Brunswick embracing a worldview that is attractive to Millennials? If we are can we reverse the brain drain? Can young people create meaningful employment here that has global impact? If we are not a Millennial Dream place to live, how much longer can we as a province survive as the population ages and the exodus of young talent increases?”

My partners in crime Karina Leblanc, Marcel LeBrun, David Alston and I invited a small group of Generation X and Baby Boomer thought-leaders and change-makers to hear us discuss the Millennial Dream in a panel format at Moncton New Brunswick’s Venn Center. Even though we hope this film will inspire positive action in Millennials, it is the older generations that we want to engage in this in order for them (us) to start changing how we do things in order to accelerate New Brunswick as a Millennial Dream place to be. The Millennia Dream world-view is one of sustainability, community, purpose-driven work, triple bottom line companies, digital connectedness, entrepreneurial-based education, inclusion, justice, art, culture and self-empowerment.

Why should Baby Boomers and Gen X care?

This year Millennials surpassed Generation X in workforce population, and that number is going to continue to climb. Many of the opportunities for employment that are attractive to this generation exist in larger urban centers. That being said, there is an attraction to small community living in this generation as well, but only if it is a community that embraces certain values; some of which I listed above. As we consider the future of our small rural province of New Brunswick, Canada, can we actually make small decisions that will have lasting impact in our province? Can these small decisions continue to establish New Brunswick as a Millennial Dream place to be?

A place where it’s easy to create businesses with purpose? A place where it’s easy to fail and get back up again? A place where communities and the environment are sustainable? A place where triple bottom line corporations are using profits to make a kinder world? A place where education empowers people to make the positive impact in the world they want to see? A place that is so digitally connected that life is just easier? A place where health care is not at risk, but rather properly funded and founded on innovation and respect?

If we can accelerate the great work that is already happening in New Brunswick in these areas, we believe that New Brunswick could be a global force in positive impact, which we also believe will make us one of the best places to live as a Millennial. The word-view that many Millennials value is the same word-view that all generations living in the connected economy can relate to. This is why Baby Boomers and Generation Xers should care about the Millennial Dream.