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Our Story

Hemmings House Pictures is an award winning film production company that specializes in using a set of tools for positive social change-making. Founded by Greg Hemmings almost a decade ago, Hemmings House and its creative production teams have produced a broad scope of world-class, impactful media. This includes television series, film & photo documentaries and commercial & social impact films in over 30 countries around the world.

In 2009, through a documentary called Sistema and later through Code Kids, Greg sensed the discovery of a new and developing personal and corporate passion. Without initially realizing it, the team had not just created a great film but uncovered a method that in both cases led to observable and sustainable positive social change. Rather than just amplifying what was already happening though these films, he had been a part of creating a movement. From this, we have developed a movement-creating film production process that we call "The System". The System combines international innovations, research, change-making methodology, community influencers and brands to create films that are used as tools for positive social impact.

As we enthusiastically continue to meet the wide breadth of client needs that we have in the past, the core of what we do is to contribute to "A Happy and Kind World Through Passionate Storytelling".

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Our Team

Executive Team

Greg Hemmings

Greg Hemmings
Founder and CEO

Greg Hemmings GREG HEMMINGS, founder and CEO, is a filmmaker and storyteller with a global vision and experience to match. His TV shows have sold to over 60 broadcasters around the world, including W Network, CBC, CTV, Discovery Channel, Travel + Escape, BRAVO!, IFC, RUSH HD, RADx, Globosat, Turner Latin America, The Fight Network, and RAI (Italy). Greg's portfolio features award-winning documentaries, docu-soaps, music videos, live concert films, TV commercials, and commercial videos. He has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Commonwealth Vision Awards, presented by the Royal Commonwealth Society in England. An honours graduate of the Television and Film Production program at Niagara College, Greg has continued his studies with the National Screen Institute's Global Television Marketing Program in Canada and France, and Banff's North American Media Executive Leadership Program.

Steve Foster

Steve Foster
Senior Producer and COO

Steve Foster STEVE FOSTER, senior producer and COO, has produced hundreds of branded films, live events, and television commercials. With experience as an assistant director, camera operator, location sound engineer, and production manager, he has a deep understanding of the technical and creative needs of each project. His work has been seen on the W Network, CBC Television, Bravo!, Radx, Rush HD, SRI Italy, Rogers SportsNet, and the Fight Network. An alumnus of the prestigious Wallace McCain Institute, which develops high-potential entrepreneurs, the Canadian Media Producer's Association, and he is a long-standing member of the Canadian Media Producers Association.

Jon Robertson

Jon Robertson
VP of Strategic Alliances

John Robertson JON ROBERTSON, VP of strategic alliances, loves how technology, business and media can be a powerful force for positive social and environmental change: he's also a raving advocate of the Hemmings House vision of a happy and kind world fuelled by passionate storytelling. Jon spent several years in finance, then in the world of Software as a Service Business-to-Business technology. An early member of Radian6, he also worked with the Salesforce.com, and has been a co-founder and member of other notable tech superstars and start-ups.

Owen Green

Owen Green

Owen Green OWEN GREEN, CFO, is a CPA and CMA with considerable experience in the corporate sector, Owen co-founded Adams Green Consulting Ltd. in 2013 to focus on serving businesses that positively impact the world. An astute numbers man, his attention to detail and to the bottom line keeps all of our projects in the black.

Haley Adams-Green

Haley Adams-Green
HR and Business Affairs

Haley Adams-Green HALEY ADAMS-GREEN, HR and Business Affairs, is a CPA and CMA with experience in both public practice and in industry, Haley co-founded Adams Green Consulting Ltd. in 2013. She has a deep understanding of how sold financials — backed by a well-ordered Excel spreadsheet — make our company's creative and social mission possible.

Grant Roberts

Grant Roberts
Production Accountant

Grant Roberts GRANT ROBERTS, production accountant, is an ambitious young accountant who is pursuing his CPA designation. Grant wants to live in a world where everyone keeps their receipts. In return, he keeps the day-to-day financials in order, while keeping an eye on each project's overall financial aims.

Production Office

Megan Thelosen

Megan Thelosen
Producer and Production Manager

Megan Thelosen MEGAN THELOSEN, producer and production manager, learned how to manage large productions and teams at leading networks like Discovery ID, Food Network Canada, HGTV Canada, DIY Network, and YTV. A theatre actor, director, and stage manager before making the jump from stage to set, where she has worked as a production coordinator, production manager, and producer, Megan has an incredible ability to keep the many intricate parts of a production working together.

Leah Secord

Leah Secord
Production Coordinator

Leah Secord LEAH SECORD, production coordinator, has an obsessive attention to detail and an honours Stage and Screen Studies degree from Queens University, to boot. She's also a natural-born leader whose community and academic success has been recognized by the Red Cross and the Loran Scholars Foundation.

James MacDonald

James MacDonald
Field Producer

James MacDonald JAMES MACDONALD, field producer, is our expert on the ground, managing complex productions with aplomb. James honed his chops in the high-pressure reality and lifestyle markets, where he worked with the Food Network, HGTV, Discovery, National Geographic, YTV, and DIY. Trained in documentary film with a technical focus in location sound and post-production sound, he knows how to get the best out of his equipment, and his crew.

Shawna Waterall

Shawna Waterall

Shawna Waterall SHAWNA WATERALL, producer, is the nerve centre at headquarters, where she keeps all of the departments up-to-date and working together. A savvy administrator with a flair for managing the office, she has a strong creative streak that shows itself in her work.

Don Hemmings

Don Hemmings
Producer and Photography Coordinator

Don Hemmings DON HEMMINGS, producer and photography coordinator, brings over four decades in business to his work in marketing, sales and business development. The company's resident expert in disruptive technologies, he is deeply interested in the application of cutting-edge tools to the business and art of film and video production.

Production Crew

Lauchlan Ough

Lauchlan Ough
Director of Photography and Editor

Lauchlan Ough LAUCHLAN OUGH, Director of Photography and Editor, has a strong signature style honed over more than a decade in the business. He has worked in many countries as an editor, director, and director of photography on a variety of productions, with a particular knack for high-quality documentary films for television. As a DOP, he is preoccupied with the human condition, with all its beautiful virtues and failings, and expressing these in an ultra-visual, poetic way.

Mark Hemmings

Mark Hemmings
Photographer and Filmmaker

Mark Hemmings MARK HEMMINGS, photographer and filmmaker, splits his time between Canada and the world, working extensively in Japan, South Korea, Romania, Hungary, England, and Mexico, among other locales. He started in the feature-film business as a stills and location photographer 20 years ago, and has developed an impressive portfolio since, including expertise in iPhotography.

Tim Davidson

Tim Davidson
Director and Sound Engineer

Tim Davidson TIM DAVIDSON , director and sound engineer, has more than 30 years experience as a music producer and sound engineer, more recently racking up credits for his film direction, creative development, and script-writing for branded films and television ads.

Emily St. Pierre

Emily St. Pierre
Editor and Director of Photography and Visual Effects

Emily St. Pierre EMILY ST. PIERRE, editor and director of photography and visual effects, takes raw footage and makes masterpieces. A technical whiz with an intuitive sense of how to get the most out of her editing-suite tools, she brings a sharp artistic eye to all she does, whether it's editing, graphics or special effects.

Nick Leblanc

Nick Leblanc
Editor and Camera Operator

Nick Leblanc NICK LEBLANC, editor and camera operator, started his film career in high school, and hasn't looked back. He specializes in filming and editing live music shows, and has worked with some of the top talent in the business, including Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Chali2na from Jurassic Five, Dub FX, Joe Satriani, Michael Anthony (Van Halen), Our Lady Peace, Finger 11, Jon Lajoie, Sloan, Hey Rosetta!, Matt Andersen, Crash Test Dummies, Don McLean, and more.

Jennifer Power-Scott

Jennifer Power Scott
Script Writer

Nick Leblanc JENNIFER POWER SCOTT script writer, has an unstoppable passion for stringing words together in vibrant, powerful, sometimes quirky ways. After earning a Master of Journalism, she spent almost a decade with CBC stations all over the Maritimes. Jennifer went on to produce 15 episodes of Frontiers of Construction for Discovery Channel Canada. Her other television work has appeared on Travel+Escape, History, and CBC Television's Doc Zone. An exceptionally versatile wordsmith, Jennifer is also an author and magazine writer. She was a finalist at the 2013 National Magazine Awards and the 2011 Ontario Library Association book awards.

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Our Work


Hemmings House Documentaries - The Paramount

The Paramount

Hemmings House Documentaries - Code Kids

Code Kids

Hemmings House Documentaries - Melting Lands

Melting Lands

Hemmings House Documentaries - Winter Wave Riders

Winter Wave Riders

Hemmings House Documentaries - The Millennial Dream

The Millennial Dream

Hemmings House Documentaries - Sistema Revolution

Sistema Revolution

Social Impact Short Films

Hemmings House Social Impact Short Films Hand Made

Hand Made

Hemmings House Social Impact Film Here and Away

Here and Away

Hemmings House Social Impact Film Bon a Tirer

Bon a Tirer


Hemmings House Commercial Film for NBIF


Hemmings House Commercial Film for New Brunswick Teachers Federation

NB Teachers' Federation

Hemmings House Commercial Film for Saint John Destination Marketing

Saint John Destination Marketing

TV Series

Hemmings House TV Series Cubicle to the Cage

Cubicle to the Cage

Hemmings House TV Series Kardinal Sinners

Kardinal Sinners



Hemmings House Animation for Sociallogical


Hemmings House Animation for Stark


Hemmings House Animation for ACRI


Photography by Mark Hemmings

Hemmings House Photography
Hemmings House Photography
Hemmings House Photography
Hemmings House Photography
Hemmings House Photography
Hemmings House Photography

View more of our latest work on Vimeo and FYA.tv

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Our Impact


Our mission is to inspire peace and empathy throughout the world. We believe that companies have the power and the resources to solve many of our world's problems. There has never been a time before in history where we as a corporate community have had so many opportunities to create positive global social change. We believe that telling great stories can act as fuel for positive social impact movements. We work with movement-based brands that share this understanding and invest in positive impact that creates a more empathetic world. And if we have a more empathetic world, we believe that at the very least every person on the planet's basic needs could be met. A happier and kinder world is the mission of Hemmings House; it is the core of everything we do.


A Happy and Kind World Fuelled by Passionate Storytelling.

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We are focused on helping visionary change-makers have a positive impact on our world. BCorp is the international measure for higher standards in sustainability, social impact, accountability and transparency. Certification was a tough process... and one that we will revisit again and again. Because "good" is good, but we're always shooting for bigger, better impact.

Hemmings House is a B Corp
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Our Clients

Salesforce Radian6
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
The Fight Network
Blue Ant Media
W Network
International Architecture and Design
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