Aug 30, 2016 | Posted by: admin

The question is should I devalue you? I happen to know that you bleed and feel pain.

I know that you are capable of feeling joy, sadness and at times have a wealth of happiness.

Which leads me to wonder, when you feel these emotions do you ask yourself “is this emotional turmoil I go through there only because of the color of my skin. “  I wonder too how you answer that question.

The question is should you devalue me when you see me? When you see me with empty pockets and my face is worn and torn and etched on my face glowing like a signal beacon is the pain of living.

Daily we draw the same air and breathe you no more or less than me. The color and texture of skin neither helps or depletes.

How is it we’ve advanced this far and forgotten how to say hello or to ask someone’s name. We pass one another side by side on the street eyes fixed and focused on the newest hand held technology the latest excuse to avoid saying a simple hello. We are in a rush to go to the same place every day. Day in and day out never stopping long enough to incorporate the architecture of a new face that is different than our own or the artistry of deep set eyes and we are in rush to be pass someone’s personal pain.

It has been said, that “we are more alike than we are different.” It is for that reason I won’t devalue you and if you look up from your hand held device I’ll ask your name. You might hear my joy or pain and maybe you’ll notice that regardless of what you might have heard that underneath the texture and skin tone or the lack of wealth and depth of my pockets as you pass me by I still have a name.